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Gabby Bernstein Guided Meditation

I still remember first listening to one of Gabby Bernstein’s guided meditations. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious, my mind racing with stressful thoughts. On a whim, I searched for a quick meditation to help calm my nerves. And that’s when I stumbled upon Gabby’s 10-minute morning meditation for anxiety.

Gabby’s soothing voice filled my ears as soon as I pressed play. “Close your eyes and focus on your breath,” she instructed gently. With her guidance, the chaos in my mind began to settle. Over those 10 minutes, Gabby led me through a beautiful visualization for releasing fear and worry. By the end, I felt a profound sense of peace and clarity that stayed with me through the day.

After that positive experience, I was hooked. I started listening to Gabby’s guided meditations daily as part of my self-care routine. And without fail, they would ground me in the present moment while connecting me to a more profound sense of inner wisdom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gabby Bernstein offers a diverse range of guided meditations to help with stress, anxiety, mindfulness, self-esteem, spiritual growth and more on her popular “Dear Gabby” podcast.
  • Practicing just 10 minutes per day can boost clarity, relaxation, self-awareness and overall wellbeing.
  • It takes roughly 40 days for a new habit to form, so try a brief daily Gabby meditation for optimal results long-term.
  • People struggling with anxiety, trauma or low self-worth often find immense healing through her kind, heart-centered audio guidance.

Guided Morning Meditation By Gabby

Key points during this 5-minute meditation:

  • 00:36 🧘 Be present with your feelings and concerns in the moment.
  • 01:27 ☀️ Surrender, trust, and immerse yourself in a bed of golden light for strength and love.
  • 02:56 🌟 Let go of tension and stress, knowing you are safe and held in faith.

Gabby Bernstein suggests that after completing the Positive Affirmation Meditation for 40 days, you should make a list of all the incredible shifts that have occurred, highlighting the transformative power of consistent practice​​.

A Brief Background on Gabby Bernstein

So, who is the incredible woman behind these transformative meditations? Gabby Bernstein is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and sought-after inspirational speaker. After struggling for years with anxiety, addiction, and unhealthy relationships, Gabby embraced meditation and spirituality as part of her journey toward healing.

She became a certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, going on to publish several books on topics like manifesting, self-love, acceptance, and finding your purpose. Gabby also hosts an incredibly popular podcast called “Dear Gabby” where she shares manifesting tips, energetic healing methods, interviews with spiritual teachers, and of course – lots of guided meditations.

Through her writings, events, and audio content, Gabby has touched millions of lives by helping people heal trauma, manage stress, overcome destructive patterns, and unlock their highest potential.

An Overview of Gabby’s Guided Meditations

So, what exactly can you expect from Gabby Bernstein’s guided meditations? She offers an incredibly diverse range of audio meditations to help listeners heal on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Types of Meditations

Some of the types of meditations Gabby offers include:

  • Meditations for beginners
  • Manifesting and visualization meditations
  • Meditations to release fear, worry, anger, resentment
  • Morning motivation meditations
  • Bedtime meditations for relaxation and sleep
  • Meditations to cultivate self-love, joy, confidence, intuition
  • Meditations for anxiety, depression, trauma
  • Meditations to deepen spiritual connection


The length of Gabby’s meditations ranges from quick 5-10 minute practices all the way up to 45+ minute journeys. She offers everything from simple meditations you can do on your lunch break to longer, more immersive healing experiences.

Where to Listen

You can access hundreds of Gabby’s incredible guided meditations right in her podcast “Dear Gabby” available on all major podcast apps. She also has many exclusive meditations for her Gabby Bernstein Plus membership program members.

My Experience Practicing Gabby’s Meditations

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I found Gabby’s meditations soothing, grounding, and just what I needed to get through stressful days with more clarity and ease.

Here’s a bit about my experience using her meditations for the past year:

Equipment Needed

One of the great things about guided meditations is that you don’t need any special equipment beyond a comfortable place to sit. I like to meditate in my bedroom, seated cross-legged on a pillow. But I’ll often just listen to Gabby’s meditations right at my desk during work breaks.

Gabby recommends closing your eyes during the practices so you can fully immerse yourself. You can listen via headphones or speaker.


When I first discovered Gabby’s work, I aimed to meditate with her audio practices 2-3 times weekly. But I quickly found myself drawn to do them daily as the positive effects were tangible.

Now, I listen to a Gabby Bernstein meditation without fail every single morning. I’ll also play her anxiety or sleep meditations on an as-needed basis when I’m feeling stressed or having trouble winding down.

Tips for Beginners

If guided meditation is new for you, don’t overthink it! Just start experimenting with different Gabby meditations that call to you. I recommend her essential morning motivation meditation as a great first practice.

Find a quiet spot, get comfortable, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let Gabby’s soothing voice be your guide. Don’t worry about “doing it right.” Her meditations are designed to calm and center you effortlessly.

Tip: Set a reminder on your phone for consistent meditation practice. It takes an average of 40 days to turn a new behavior into a habit. So try listening to a Gabby Bernstein meditation every day for 40 days, and it will soon become second nature!

The Benefits I’ve Experienced

Gabby Bernstein Guided Meditations, woman mediating on the floor.

Incorporating Gabby Bernstein’s audio meditations into my daily self-care routine has been utterly life changing. Here are some of incredible benefits I’ve personally experienced:

Stress Reduction

It’s no exaggeration to say Gabby’s meditations have drastically cut my daily anxiety levels. Her practices give me a reset button I can push anytime my mind is racing or nerves are fried. After just 5-10 minutes listening to Gabby’s calming voice, I feel my entire central nervous system downshift into a more relaxed state.

Promotes Mindfulness 

I used to constantly dwell on past regrets and future worries, rarely staying present in the moment. But Gabby’s meditations have significantly strengthened my mindfulness muscle. The visualization, mantra repetition, and conscious breathing prime me to be more tuned into the here and now rather than getting tangled up in thoughts about the past or future.

Boosts Overall Wellbeing

Between better stress management and heightened mindfulness, I swear I feel healthier since making Gabby’s practices part of my routine. I have more energy, less aches and pains, and an overall greater sense of wellness consistency listening to her transformative meditations.

Cultivates Self-Love

Gabby has an incredible heart-opening meditation where she guides you to send love to every aspect of yourself – your inner child, your talents, your flaws. It never fails to make me tear up, while also helping me embrace myself with more compassion. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost self-esteem!

And those are just a few of the benefits…her meditations also assist with focus, sleep quality, decision making, letting go of judgment about yourself and others. The possibilities truly feel endless when it comes to healing through Gabby’s transformational audio practices!

Why Guided Meditation Works

Beautiful clouds of colors and a shadow of a woman meditating.

You may be wondering why sitting silently while focusing on your breath and listening to someone speak could have such profound holistic benefits. Here’s a brief look at what’s happening beneath the surface during guided meditation:

Promotes Alpha Brain Waves

Meditation induces alpha brain wave activity associated with wakeful relaxation and effortless alertness. Gabby’s soothing voice, ambient background music, and visualization take us into this blissful yet conscious state.

Activates the Parasympathetic System

Tuning inward quiets the “fight or flight” stress response allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. This triggers deep relaxation, digestion, cellular repair – essentially healing processes.

Cultivates Self-Awareness

As thoughts subside, we become an impartial observer watching how our mind operates. This meta-awareness leads to self-understanding and more conscious choices.

Boosts Emotional Intelligence 

With nonjudgmental awareness, we perceive feelings more objectively. Over time this emotional fluency translates into better communication, relationships and conflict resolution.

Creates Neural Changes

Meditation forges new neural pathways reducing reactivity and rigidity while boosting mood regulation, focus and cognitive health – essentially rewiring the brain!

The consistent practice stimulates all of the above transformations and more, dramatically enhancing both mental and physical wellness.

That’s why I feel grateful every single day for stumbling upon Gabby Bernstein’s transformative meditations a year ago. My entire life has changed for the better thanks to adopting her short, simple audio practices into my daily routine.

I hope that sharing my story today inspires you also to give Gabby’s magical guided meditations a try for yourself. I believe they can guide anyone into greater peace, clarity and joy.

Where to Get Started to Transform Your Life

Head over to Gabby’s “Dear Gabby” podcast and select a short meditation on a topic that calls to you. Anxiety, motivation, self-love – they all work wonders!

Sit back, close your eyes, relax and let Gabby’s caring voice soak into your cells, awakening deep inner healing, wisdom and bliss. I can’t wait for you to experience the magic and miracles accessible through her daily meditations!

FAQ on Gabby Bernstein Guided Meditation

Q: How can free guided meditations by Gabby Bernstein soothe my mind and body?

A: By following the guidance provided in the meditations, you can learn to relax your mind and body. You become more centered and find a sense of inner peace. You’ll learn how to breathe and listen to the universe, which brings about a sense of stillness that can soothe both your mind and body.

Q: How can these meditations manifest miracles in my life?

A: These meditations guide you to focus on your desires and align your thoughts and feelings with the universe. This alignment allows you to raise your vibration, encouraging manifestations to occur in your daily life. The principle here is that positive thoughts attract similar experiences.

Q: How can following this practice change my life?

A: Consistent use of these free manifesting meditations can attract positive shifts in your personal and professional life. This new way of interacting with the universe can change your life by helping you make a list of your deepest desires and envision their realization, something really special.

Q: Can this meditation help release my fear and judgment?

A: Absolutely. The guided meditations by Gabby Bernstein aim to heal by teaching you techniques of affirmation, breathing, and visualization that help release fear and judgement. Making a choice to release these feelings is an important step for your mental health.

Q: Do I need any prior experience in meditation to benefit from these meditations?

A: No, these meditations are designed to be adaptable and easy for beginners. Their simplicity makes them one of the easiest ways to introduce meditation into your daily life.

Q: If these meditations bring up difficult emotions, what should I do?

A: If at any time these meditations bring up difficult or overwhelming emotions, please seek help from a qualified health professional. It might be beneficial to engage in therapy to check and support your overall mental health.

Q: How do I ensure privacy while using these meditations?

A: Gabby Bernstein respects your privacy and assured your data will be kept confidential. For more details, please refer to the privacy policy before submitting your number or any personal information.

Q: How often should I listen to these guided meditations?

A: It’s recommended to listen to this meditation every day for the next 40 days. Each daily session will help you further develop your skills of relaxation and manifesting your desires.

Q: Can these guided meditations help improve my commitment to self-care?

A: Yes, engaging in regular meditation practices such as these can definitely improve your commitment to self-care. The many benefits of meditation, such as reducing stress and promoting inner peace, can help you establish a balance in life and foster a healthy commitment to self-care.

Q: Can I get more free meditations like these?

A: Absolutely. Gabby Bernstein generously offers a range of free manifesting meditations. She is committed to making meditation an accessible and rewarding experience for all. I’m sure you’ll find them beneficial and they might become a part of your all-time favorite self-care practices.


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