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Full Moon Guided Meditation. Woman sitting on large rock in front of the moon.

As I gaze up at the glowing full moon hanging in the dark night sky, I feel a sense of magic and possibility. The moon’s bright silvery light seems to illuminate not just my surroundings, but my inner landscape as well. I know that tonight is the perfect night for a full moon meditation.

Centering my breath, I prepare to tap into the powerful energy of the full moon and discover what wisdom and renewal this special full moon guided meditation has to offer. As a long-time meditation practitioner by both sun and moonlight, I’ve learned how transformative aligning my practice with the moon’s phases can be. The full moon holds uniquely potent energy we can harness through conscious practice. Let’s start a full moon meditation!

Key Takeaways:

  • The full moon’s concentrated energy can be harnessed through dedicated meditation for heightened benefits
  • Proper setting, mindset, intentions and optional rituals amplify effectiveness
  • There are many types of full moon meditations including inner inquiry, manifesting, creative exercises and more
  • Consistent full moon practice accelerates growth, connects intuition, purifies, builds oneness and expands possibilities
  • Closing rituals help integrate and energize breakthroughs, guidance and intentions set under the moonlight

Full Moon Guided Meditation Step by Step

Here are key points for this meditation:

  • 00:15 🌕 Introduction and preparation for the meditation,
    • Welcome to the full moon meditation.
    • Instructions for relaxation and turning awareness inward.
  • 03:01 🌙 Creating a sacred space for meditation,
    • Guided breathing to deepen relaxation.
    • Connecting with the moon’s energy and surrendering.
  • 05:27 🌌 Visualization and reflection under the moon,
    • Imagining a serene meadow under the full moon.
    • Feeling the moon’s energy and grounding to the Earth.
  • 08:19 🌟 Releasing what no longer serves,
    • Reflecting on aspects of life that weigh you down.
    • Visualizing and releasing these burdens with the moon’s guidance.
  • 11:23 🙏 Embracing release and transformation,
    • Feeling gratitude and lightness after letting go.
    • Empowering yourself for positive change and envisioning your future self.

Chopra recommends creating a full moon altar with elements representing the earth, air, fire, water, and space, to enhance your meditation experience during the full moon​​.

Background on Full Moon Meditation

Across cultures and throughout history, the full moon has been seen as a time of power, healing, and magic. Ancient rituals tapped into the moon’s potent energy during this phase in order to manifest desires, access intuitive wisdom, celebrate and give thanks, as well as purify body, mind and spirit.

Modern day mystics and moon devotees still acknowledge the very palpable energy shift that occurs during the 3-5 day full moon period each month. Meditation is one of the most direct and powerful ways we can consciously harness the full moon’s unique energy rays which offer us:


  • Deep wisdom + guidance from within
  • Clarity around goals, next steps, decisions
  • Heightened intuition
  • Manifesting abilities strengthened
  • Releasing what no longer serves
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Emotional balance + inner peace

As the moon orbits, it also affects the tides and, likewise, exerts an energetic pull on us as well during its full phase. By syncing your meditation practice with the rhythms of the moon, you gain access to this amplified energy field which positively impacts meditation effectiveness and breakthroughs.

Preparing for a Full Moon Meditation

Preparing for a Full Moon Meditation

To make the most of your time under the glow of the full moon, having the proper environment, mindset, and prep is key. Follow these full moon meditation essentials:

Where to Meditate on Full Moon Nights

  • Outdoors under the Moonbeams
    • Your yard, porch, balcony, or rooftop (make sure it is a safe location)
  • Near a window
    • Ensure the moonlight can stream in
  • Create an indoor moonlight atmosphere
    • Use a full spectrum bulb to mimic effect
  • In nature
    • Meadows, hilltops, lakesides

Ideally be able to see and feel the soft kiss of the moonrays as you settle into your meditation. The energy exchange will be most powerful.

Cultivate Proper Mindset + Intention Setting

Before sitting down to meditate under Madame Moon, be clear on what type of full moon energy you wish to invoke, harness or have illuminated. Ask yourself:

  • What guidance, renewal or letting go is needed now?
  • Where do I need clarity or light shone on shadows?
  • What would I like initiated or manifested?

Then set your conscious intention for the session ahead. This focuses the energy where you most need it. Write down or repeat intention statements aloud. Common full moon meditation intentions:

  • “I open up to receive the full moon’s wisdom and intuitive downloads with clarity and grace.”
  • “I invoke the full moon energy to help me elegantly release X burden/pattern/belief no longer serving me.”
  • “I welcome abundant manifestations into my life and world now.”

Optional Rituals to Sanctify Space

Cerebral acts are recommended to shift into a reverent, receptive moon meditation headspace. Before sitting down to still the mind with focused full moon meditation, try:

  • Clearing/purifying the energy of your space by burning Palo Santo or sage
  • Taking a purifying salt water bath or shower to rinse off the day’s debris
  • Assembling sacred altar items like crystals, oracle cards, candles, bells, feathers etc.
  • Applying Moon Oil or essential oil blends to pulse points
  • Wearing white or silver clothing items
  • Creating a flower petal mandala or crystal grid
  • Offering up prayers of gratitude

Beginning Your Full Moon Meditation

When your peaceful place has been sanctified and intentions set, discover which of these new or full moon meditation springboards inspire you most tonight:

Contemplative Inner Inquiry

Reflect on arriving life lessons, aha moments of insight, areas of growth and surrender.

Or ask for answers on confusing situations, next right steps, or the wisdom you need. Open up to receive guidance through the heightened intuition. Discern with neutrality. Send compassion to all those who arise.

Guiding questions to ask under the full moon:

  • What do I need to release or let go of now to step into greater wholeness?
  • How can I best move forward towards my truest heartfelt dreams?
  • What limiting beliefs or fears are still blocking me that need illumination and freedom now?

Gratitude + Manifestation

Offer up sincere appreciation for the abudnace already here – in all aspects of your life and world.

Then call in desired outcomes, declare grand intentions, or request needed support. The full moon boosts manifestation powers making this a perfect time to initiate and energize.

Statements to repeat & feel into:

  • I gratefully receive _____ [new opportunity, situation, desired outcome]
  • I lovingly accept support for ____ [project, health goal, adventure]
  • I boldly welcome _____ [improved relationship, financial upleveling, bountiful ideas] now

Crystal Grid + Tarot Unpacking

Construct a crystal grid with stones that resonate with full moon energy (like moonstone, clear quartz, labradorite). Place beneath the moonlight before meditation begins.

Draw a tarot card focused on a realm you need guidance or renewal in. Unpack the multilayered meaning over the course of your sit. Interpret the symbols + channels without judgement.

Freeform Creativity + Channeling

Access mystical inspiration via writing, artmaking, dancing, singing or other creative outlets. Let the muse lead you to unknown places. Surprise yourself.

Or start an open-ended conversation with your guides, higher self or the moon herself. See what arises to teach you.

Set a timer for desired length, then let it flow frustration-free.

Staying Connected to the Full Moon

Connected to the Full Moon with meditation on a mountain at night.

To make your full moon meditation tonight feel like more than just a monthly novelty, consider these patterns to meaningfully incorporate lunar mindfulness:

Full Moon Phase Practices

  • Journal under the moonbeams
  • Create full moon water + spray environments to cleanse energy
  • Design full moon altars with crystals + sacred items
  • Host or attend a moon circle ceremony
  • Charge crystals overnight under the full moon
  • Move body with moon salutations, dance, yoga poses

Throughout the Lunar Cycle

  • Continue sitting in dedicated moon meditations
  • Drink moon water daily
  • Track astrological significance of each moon phase
  • Notice waxing/waning energy + how it impacts you
  • Mindfully observe the evolving moon on nightly walks

Staying attuned to Her cycles keeps you tuned into your own. Through dedicated full moon rituals, we access mystical wisdom, creativity surges, heightened intuition, deeper connections + bold inner resets when they’re most potent. Allow the moon to guide you ever inward.

Key Tip: Keep a Moon Journal to integrate insights from each full moon meditation session.

The Powerful Benefits of Full Moon Meditation

Beyond a temporary mental vacation under the magical moonbeams, what develops from dedicating yourself to this practice long term? My own dedicated moon meditation journey continues to profoundly shape me.

Here’s what unfolds with consistency:

Accelerated Personal Growth

The concentrated energy access opens you up beyond normal means. It’s like meditation on steroids, catalysting breakthroughs and new positive trajectories quicker.

Mental + Emotional Balance

Just as the moon stabilizes Earth’s wobble, full moon meditation harmonizes our mind-body ecosystem helping us find steadiness amidst chaos.

Heightened Intuition + Inner Wisdom

The moon beams infuse our energy fields with extra sensory data and connectivity to our all-knowing inner voice. Our discernment heightens.

Expansion + Abundance

We courageously stretch beyond perceived limits. Our receptivity and manifesting capacities amplify to welcome more of what most aligns from the Universe/Source/Divine.

Purification + Clarity

The concentrated moonbeams spotlight areas needing release, transformation and integration within. We let go with grace, realigning with truth.

Oneness + Interconnection

Through recognizing the moon within all beings, and beholding her mirrored duality play out within us, our sense of separation dissolves. We come home to belonging.

Closing Rituals to Seal in the Magic

As your meditation session under Lady Luna’s glow comes to a close, be intentional about sealing in the magic. Here are my favorite full moon closing rituals:

  • Drink a glass of water – integrate the downloaded wisdom
  • Dance ecstatically – let it flow through movement
  • Hug a tree or the earth – ground the energy
  • Take a salt water bath or shower – purification
  • Smudge your energy field with Palo Santo smoke or sage
  • Spritz your space with Full Moon Water
  • Offer up grateful prayers – energize intentions set
  • Write, draw, move your body, or create from the inspiration

Most importantly, commit to harnessing the lunar gifts in tangible ways during the auspicious days that follow. Align actions to the inner stirrings catalyzed under her rays.

As above, so below. Of course record revelations gained in your dedicated Moon Journal too.

Embrace the Magic of Full Moon Mindfulness

I deeply honor the power of meditating under the glow of the full moon. Through utilizing her magnified energy intentionally, we gain access to rapid transformation, heightened creativity, bold letting go, vigorous manifestation and so much wisdom.

What I continue discovering again and again through this practice is the joy that comes from remembering we belong to something greater, that we are one with the luminous moonbeams dancing across the infinite night sky. I step off my balcony under its bright white orb glowing above me, body humming, soul expanded, spirit buoyed by untold energies from within and far beyond.

What magic will you invite in or let go of under Grandmother Moon’s glow tonight? When the next full moon illuminates the heavens, I warmly encourage you to discover this for yourself.

FAQ On Full Moon Guided Meditation

Q: What is the significance of silent full moon guided meditation?

A: The significance of a silent full moon guided meditation lies in its potent ability to connect us to our inner selves. The full moon is also known to be a powerful time to celebrate and reflect, heightening the mind’s ability to appreciate the beauty of the universe and use the time for healing and cleansing.

Q: How are the rays of the moon used in this type of meditation?

A: During a silent full moon guided meditation, practitioners visualize the rays of the moon filling them with calm and tranquility. This visualization helps in washing away negativity and promoting emotional well-being.

Q: What role does silence play in full moon yoga and mediation?

A: Silence plays a significant role in full moon yoga and mediation. It creates a sense of stillness and quiet within, which allows practitioners to become mindful, awake and tuned into the cosmic energy of the moon.

Q: Why is the full moon day significant for meditation?

A: Full moon day is significant for meditation due to the unique gravitational pull of the moon. This cosmic event connects with our emotions and aids our endeavors to transform and awaken our spiritual self. It’s also a time to express gratitude for our universe and its enchanting marvels.

Q: Why do we lie still during a silent full moon guided meditation?

A: By lying still during a silent full moon guided meditation, it allows us to be quiet, still, and in a state of calm. This allows practitioners to better see the full moon within them, and use its energy to soothe and cleanse their minds and bodies.

Q: How does one visualize during this meditation?

A: During a silent full moon guided meditation, you’re instructed to visualize many powerful images – like the moon’s rays touching and filling you, a star-strewn sky, or the moon’s cosmic energy enveloping you and dispelling all negativity. This powerful guided visualization is key to acknowledging and experiencing the moon’s transformative powers.

Q: How can I appreciate the full moon more in my yoga endeavor?

A: During a full moon yoga endeavor, take a moment to gaze upon the full moon. Acknowledge its beauty and uniqueness, and allow yourself to really appreciate its magnificence. This improves the overall experience and enhances the connection to the cosmic universe.

Q: Why is breathing important in silent full moon guided meditation?

A: Breathing is critical in silent full moon guided meditation. Taking a few moments to focus on the breath brings calm and quietness, grounding the practitioner in the present moment. Moreover, it helps to guide the visualization process and engages you in a deeper state of mindfulness.

Q: How can I apply mindfulness throughout the night of a full moon day?

A: You can apply mindfulness throughout the night of a full moon day by spending some time quieting your mind, focusing on your breath, and paying attention to your emotional state. You may visualize and appreciate the moonlight, invite its calmness to soothe you, and consciously express gratitude for its celestial presence.

Q: How does silent full moon guided meditation help in transforming one’s self?

A: Silent full moon guided meditation helps individuals transform by allowing them to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Under the calming influence of the full moon, they can reflect on their uniqueness, dispel negativity, become more mindful, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, renewal, and healing.

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