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Jay Shetty Guided Meditation

I first discovered Jay Shetty guided meditations a few years ago when a friend recommended I check out his podcast. As a busy entrepreneur and parent, I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed. I knew I needed to bring more balance into my life, but struggled to find the time and tools to make real changes.

The moment I pressed play on that first Jay Shetty episode, I could sense there was something special about his message and voice. Over the following weeks and months, Jay’s wisdom, kindness, wit, and charisma drew me in. His practical, accessible, guided meditations helped me start small by carving out just 7 minutes daily to work on my mental and emotional well-being.

Now, after years of listening, learning, and practicing mindfulness with Jay Shetty, my life looks completely different. I finally have the clarity, focus, resilience, gratitude, compassion, and sense of purpose I had been seeking.

Key Takeaways

  • Jay Shetty brings ancient mindfulness practices into everyday modern life through guided meditations
  • His sessions incorporate breathwork, visualization, relatable teachings, habit tips and more
  • Listening for just 5-25 minutes daily provides mental/emotional benefits
  • 20-day digital program perfect for beginners establishing consistency
  • Also find Jay’s meditations via YouTube videos, podcast episodes, Amazon books
  • Keep showing up patiently for compound results over time

Jay Shetty Guided Meditation

Here is an overview of the meditation video:
  • 00:00 🧘 Find a quiet and comfortable space to relax for a simple meditation.
    • Close your eyes or lower your gaze.
    • Let your mind wander naturally, and don’t get frustrated when thoughts arise.
    • Focus on creating a sense of calm, balance, ease, and peace.
  • 03:47 🌬️ Observe your natural breathing pattern.
    • Inhale through your nose, exhale with your mouth slightly open.
    • Bring your mind back to your breathing if it wanders.
  • 08:23 🙅‍♂️ Stress is normal; don’t judge or fear it.
    • Redirect your attention to your breathing to cope with stress positively.
    • Create a space of calm and ease to manage stress.

A Brief Background on Host and “Former Monk” Jay Shetty

Before diving into the specifics of Jay Shetty’s guided meditations, it helps to understand his unusual backstory. Jay spent three years living as a Vedic monk after graduating university. He studied and trained extensively with monks and gurus in India, focusing intensely on personal development and spiritual wisdom.

After his monastic training, Jay then transferred those powerful tools and lessons over to mainstream Western culture. He strived to share timeless Vedic practices in a very modern, relatable voice through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

“My purpose is to make wisdom go viral.” – Jay Shetty

This vision ultimately led Jay to create his hit podcast “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” in 2018. He has since interviewed over 400 of the world’s most influential leaders, authors, artists, athletes, and performers. Jay draws out their life stories and advice on well-being, meaning, productivity, relationships, and success while infusing his own insightful commentary.

In mid-2020, Jay launched his popular “20 Days of Guided Meditations” program due to overwhelming listener demand. These sessions now anchor his broader offerings of videos, exercises, tools, and teaching that help people lead healthier, happier, more purposeful lives.

Let’s explore what exactly his meditations involve, common results people see from regular practice, and how you can join Jay on this transformative path.

Stepping Into the Experience of Jay Shetty’s Guided Meditations

Jay Shetty’s guided meditations range from 5-25 minutes in length and come in audio and video formats. While simple in concept – closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, and listening attentively to instruction – the sessions deliver powerful shifts in perspective, presence, and personal growth when practiced consistently.

Here are some of the main elements to expect in Jay Shetty’s signature guided meditation experience:

Visualization and Storytelling

Jay artfully uses words to conjure vivid scenarios that immerse you deeply in the practice. As he guides you to breathe consciously, Jay might have you visualize resting by a gentle stream or walking through a peaceful garden. These imaginative settings make concentrating easier and more pleasurable.

Thought-Provoking Teachings

Interwoven with soothing narration, Jay introduces philosophical teachings ranging from Eastern spiritual traditions to contemporary neuroscience. He explores themes like managing difficult emotions, cultivating healthy relationships, finding your purpose, letting go of past and future worries to fully inhabit the present, and more.

Relatable and Candid Commentary

Instead of speaking strictly as a mystical, aloof “guru” archetype, Jay shares vulnerably from his own mistakes, struggles, and lessons learned. This heartfelt honesty makes the teachings resonate all the more deeply.

Tips to Apply After Each Meditation

At the close of each session, Jay offers practical suggestions for bringing mindfulness into your everyday routines and relationships. Small shifts – like pausing to take 5 conscious belly breaths when stressed or texting a friend something you appreciate about them – compound over time to yield huge benefits.

Here is a table with tips to apply after each meditation:

1. Take a moment to stay in that calm stateAfter finishing your meditation, take a minute to allow the calmness and clarity to integrate before moving on to other activities. This helps the benefits last longer.
2. Journal about your experienceWriting down your thoughts, feelings, and insights right after meditating can help consolidate what you learned.
3. Move mindfully onto the next activityChoose an activity that allows you to maintain mindfulness, like mindful walking, being in nature, journaling, or continuing to sit quietly.
4. Reinforce positive ideas and learningThe time right after meditation is a great opportunity to read uplifting material or reflect on insights gained, as your mind is open and receptive.
5. Make meditation a consistent habitRegular practice is key to getting the most benefits. Consistency helps your mind associate meditation with calm, focused states.

I always come away from Jay’s guided meditations feeling more centered, hopeful, and equipped to handle life’s messy challenges. The sessions provide much-needed mental space from my daily whirlwind of overstimulation and deadlines. Quieting my inner critic and connecting to a sense of meaning renews my energy for everything else.

The Benefits of Regular Practice with Jay Shetty

Regular Practice with Jay Shetty. Man meditating on the dock.

I began meditating sporadically with Jay Shetty’s short audio sessions while commuting or lying in bed. After experiencing incredible improvements from this inconsistent practice, I committed to his flagship “20 Days of Guided Meditations” journey.

This program – available as a digital bundle or gorgeous physical book – contains a progression of audio and video meditations that build meaningfully upon one another. Completing multiple sessions per week tremendously accelerated my growth.

Here are some of the most significant benefits I have received through regular guided meditation practice with Jay Shetty over time:

Tangible Increase in Presence, Focus, and Stillness of Mind

After just one week sticking to Jay’s program, I noticed my “monkey mind” chatter calming down. Racing thoughts no longer constantly distracted me while working or trying to fall asleep. This mental quiet led directly to increased presence and enjoyment of everyday activities with my family – like cooking meals together or playing board games.

Growth of Self-Awareness and Release of Unhealthy Habits

Paying close attention while journaling and reflecting after each session highlighted unconscious patterns causing suffering. I realized how greatly I mistreated myself with self-criticism and perfectionism. As self-awareness expanded, I consciously examined then altered these behaviors through Jay’s practical wisdom.

Greater Resilience Through Times of Crisis and Stress

When pandemic lockdowns began shortly after starting my 20-day journey, I worried my short-lived equanimity would shatter under pressure. Instead, I coasted through that rocky period with shockingly stable mental wellness by consistently turning to meditation. Whenever that familiar panic or unease arose, I could calm my nerves faster using Jay Shetty’s strategies.

Reconnection to Gratitude, Self-Love, and Sense of Purpose

Beyond stress reduction, regular mindfulness practice awakened cherished parts of my humanity long-dulled under life’s pressures and distractions. I infused greater passion into my work and relationships. Expressing daily gratitude shifted circumstances from burdensome to miraculous. Most importantly, I embraced my imperfections with compassion – recognizing the inherent beauty within while feeling connected to the good surrounding me.

Jay’s Tip: Challenge yourself to compliment three strangers each day. Notice how giving genuine praise fills others with joy while lifting your own spirits higher.

Through meditating alongside Jay Shetty I continue progressing as the best version of myself. But I often get asked by family or friends how they too can start their own mindfulness practice using his popular guided sessions.

Accessing Jay Shetty’s Inspiring Meditations

The great news is Jay Shetty delivers his insightful guided meditations through just about every modern media platform imaginable!

Podcast App

I first discovered Jay Shetty through rave reviews of his chart-topping podcast “On Purpose with Jay Shetty.” Before he launched his dedicated mediation program, Jay wove short guided practices into podcast episodes focused primarily on interviews and life advice.

While the podcast remains his most popular gateway into this work, the catalog of 200+ episodes can feel intimidating for beginners to navigate. But if you already love podcasts, try searching “guided meditation” or “anxiety meditation” in your app to sample relevant episodes.


In response to massive listener requests, Jay Shetty began creating dedicated YouTube videos to guide people visually into mindful states. Over 2 million subscribers now practice with Jay for free on his massively popular channel.

Jay crafts tailored meditations of varying length for every interest – like Gratitude Meditations to stay positive or Sleep Meditations to wind down for bed. I often throw on a quick Calm Anxiety Meditation video when I notice stress rising.

20 Days of Meditations Digital Program

Seeking more continuity than clicking sporadic videos, last year I enrolled in Jay’s transformative 20-day digital journey. This comprehensive bundle includes 20 audio meditations building upon each other, accompanied by reflection questions and practical tools to drive progress.

I loved following this logical progression both within standalone practice and as supplement to his podcast or YouTube sessions. Beginners receive all needed background and instruction while regular meditators appreciate the fresh, focused material.

After completing the initial 20 days, you also get access to Jay’s full vault of 400+ meditations to mix and match for your needs. I still revisit and repeat my favorites every week!

Physical Products on Amazon

In response to the 20-day program’s wild success, Jay Shetty published an absolutely stunning hardcover 20-day guide with companion mediation cards. This makes a wonderful gift – especially for lovers of beautiful books!

Jay offers this thoughtfully-designed material in alternative formats too like his bestselling self-help books. You can also find his writings published in prominent magazines or collections like “Living with Intent” alongside other celebrated influencers.

I’ve also gifted friends gorgeous meditation cushions, journals or gratitude journals monogrammed with Jay Shetty’s signature lotus flower logo to accompany their practice.

Final Tip: Whatever format works best for your lifestyle, consistency remains key to receiving meditation’s extraordinary benefits long-term.

Jay Shetty’s Continued Offerings Fill Me with Gratitude

Part of why Jay Shetty’s guided meditations resonate so deeply is his authentic desire for listeners’ genuine betterment rather than personal fame. He still creates fresh guided practices weekly – now focused especially on mental health, relationships, and finding purpose.

I know Jay Shetty will continue imparting ancient wisdom in modern ways for current and future generations. This ever-evolving content allows me to progress continually as a lifelong student soaking up his compassionate teachings through daily mindfulness.

When I first discovered Jay Shetty, I saw his invitation to meditate as a quick fix for superficial symptoms of burnout. But his steadfast presence delivered something far more precious – a sense of meaning and inner freedom I can access at every moment.

As you begin meditating using his wonderfully accessible, inspiring sessions, I wish you a similar journey of insight blessing both your days and years.

May you move peacefully through all of life’s ups and downs. And if you ever lose your way, simply come back to the next deep belly breath as Jay gently reminds…

Conclusion on Jay Shetty Guided Meditation

Jay Shetty’s guided meditations provide an impactful yet accessible entry point into mindfulness practice. By leveraging his unique background as both a former monk and mainstream media darling, Jay makes ancient wisdom feel relevant for modern lives.

His vivid guided visualizations, candid personal stories, simple habits, and practical teachings yield incredible benefits over time from just minutes invested daily. Both beginners and experienced meditators can progress nicely through Jay’s structured digital programs or standalone podcasts and videos too.

While no “quick fix” for life’s inherent messiness, Jay Shetty’s friendly voice and wisdom offer respite and perspective beautifully. Through regular mindfulness time with “Coach Jay”, we can realize greater presence, resilience, self-awareness and purpose amidst the chaos.

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