Empowering Guided Meditation for Moms: Nurturing the Mother Within




Meditation for moms. Pregnant woman meditating with the moon behind her.

As a new mom myself, I completely understand the stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and overwhelm that can come with motherhood. When my daughter was first born, I struggled to find time for basic self-care, let alone start a meditation practice. However, I eventually discovered that even 5 or 10 minutes of meditation for moms in my day made a massive difference in helping me feel more grounded, calm, and able to handle the demands of parenting patiently.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Even one minute of meditation for busy moms decreases stress and enhances patience
  • Mindfulness meditation helps mothers be present versus distracted with children
  • Loving-kindness meditation boosts self-compassion to counter mom guilt
  • Guided meditations, body scans and walking meditations work well for new, exhausted moms
  • Meditation and deep breathing fosters emotional regulation when kids push buttons
  • Weave tiny mindfulness practices through whole day versus finding one long sit
  • Teach children basics like mindful breathing, observation, imagery starting around ages 4+
  • Try meditation apps with specialized content just for pregnant, new and busy mamas

Through trial and error over the last couple years, I’ve identified several types of meditation that work extremely well for new moms.

Guided Meditations

Here is the 5 minute guided meditation Video I follow daily:

Especially when you’re just starting out, guided meditations can provide helpful structure and guidance. As a busy new mom, I don’t always have the capacity to focus and calm my own racing thoughts. But letting a gentle guiding voice lead me through a relaxing visualization or mindfulness practice helps me tap into a meditative state much more easily. Some of my favorite apps for 5-minute guided meditations include Insight Timer and Calm.

Mommy’s Bliss suggests waking up early, before the rest of the family, to find a quiet time for deep breathing, which can bring calmness to both mind and body​​.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

This type of meditation focuses on cultivating self-compassion and extending goodwill, kindness, and compassion towards yourself and others. As moms, we often put enormous pressure on ourselves and have unrealistic expectations, which fuels stress and anxiety. Loving-kindness meditation has been profoundly helpful for me in soothing my inner critic, letting go of self-judgment, and accessing feelings of warmth towards both myself as a mom and my little one. I highly recommend trying some of the excellent loving-kindness meditations on Tara Brach’s website.

Mindfulness Meditation

This popular type of meditation trains you to pay attention to the present moment in a curious, open, non-judgmental way. As busy moms, we often operate on auto-pilot, missing out on precious moments with our kids. Practicing mindfulness meditation – even for a few minutes while your baby sleeps or plays on the floor – can enhance your ability to soak up all the joy and beauty around you versus getting lost in thoughts about the past or future. Check out mindfulness meditations from teachers like Jon Kabat-Zinn for a great introduction.

Morning Meditation

Starting my day with a short morning meditation sets a calm, centered, and intentional tone for the hours ahead with my daughter. I’m able to be more fully present from that first diaper change and feeding all the way through hectic activities later in the day. If mornings feel way too busy, even a quick one minute of mindful breathing before getting out of bed makes a difference.

I also keep space on my nightstand for a journal where I can write reflections afterwards when inspiration strikes.

Tip: When starting a morning meditation routine, go easy on yourself! Even two minutes is great. You can gradually increase the time as it becomes a more established habit.

Walking Meditation

On days when sitting still just doesn’t seem possible with a busy toddler underfoot, walking meditation provides a simple way to weave mindfulness into activity. Paying attention to the physical sensations of walking and sights/sounds around you brings mental calm and awareness – which we moms desperately need! I practice this while pushing the stroller, walking around our neighborhood, or even just treading the same tiny area of my living room.

Overall, I’ve found guided, loving-kindness, mindfulness, and movement-based meditations to fit most seamlessly into my daily life as a new mom. But there are many other wonderful types to explore! Starting small is key, even if it’s just 5 minutes 3 days a week. The benefits for stress, patience, presence and more will quickly accumulate.

What mindfulness techniques can help mothers be more present with their kids

As mothers, our lives often feel like a whirlwind of constant activity – work, chores, social obligations, and of course tending to kids’ endless needs from mealtimes to bedtime. It’s so easy to operate on auto-pilot, absorbed in our endless to-do lists versus truly tuning into our children and cherishing each moment of motherhood.

Practicing mindfulness has made a profound difference for me in cultivating presence with my daughter. Here are some of the most accessible yet powerful techniques I’ve found to help busy moms be more engaged, patient, joyful, and understanding with our children in the midst of nonstop demands:

Daily Breathing Breaks

Carve out small breathing breaks where you intentionally pay attention to the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling. Even 1-2 minutes when you first wake up, waiting in line, or during your child’s soccer practice quickly clears mental clutter, slows racing thoughts, and brings you into the here and now.

Walking Meditation

Bring mindful awareness to everyday activities like taking a short walk with your child. Pay close attention to the physical movements and sensations in your body while also tuning into sights, scents, and sounds around you. This simple shift from functioning on autopilot to anchoring your attention in the present moment as you walk immerses you deeply in the joys of ordinary moments with your son or daughter.

Mindful Listening

So often as busy mothers we react on impulse versus truly listening attentively to our children’s words, tone of voice, or emotional undercurrents. Practice listening meditatively – put aside distractions, make eye contact, be curious and open without judgment or immediate advice-giving. They will feel profoundly heard and understood.

Elephant Journal advises using the in-between moments of your day, like waiting at traffic lights or before grocery shopping, to take deep breaths or practice mindfulness​​.

Tip: For an extra mindfulness boost, try deleting distracting apps off your phone for set blocks of time so you can be fully available for kids. The laundry can wait but your baby’s smile won’t!

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Cultivating compassion for your child – and yourself as an imperfect but good enough mom – fuels patience, empathy and connection. Send silent good wishes to your son or daughter as you fold laundry together. Or spend a few minutes envisioning them bathed in kindness and protection to soothe frayed nerves when tantrums erupt.

Small yet mighty mindfulness habits scattered throughout my days, especially during interactions with my daughter, have truly allowed me to press pause, reconnect to the blessings in front of me, respond versus react, and drink in precious fleeting moments of childhood with an open heart. The dishes can wait…but soaking up her laughter and unbridled joy can’t!

How can meditation help mothers reduce stress

Woman connecting to the divine while 8 months pregnant through meditation.

As a working mom caring for a toddler and trying to manage a million different responsibilities, I often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stretched thin to my breaking point. My mind races in a million directions as I try to simultaneously plan tomorrow’s client presentation at work, remember to schedule a pediatrician appointment for my daughter, and soothe her latest tantrum sparked by overtiredness and hunger. Even playing with her at the park, I feel distracted and drained thinking about the mound of unanswered emails and unfinished tasks awaiting me back home.

Does this frantic, stressed-out existence sound familiar, moms? If so, I want to share how establishing a regular meditation practice over the last year has helped me find moments of calm amidst the chaos, better manage the daily demands motherhood brings, and prevent stress from boiling over into frustration, anxiety and burnout:

Physical Relaxation

Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system, triggering enhanced feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Simply sitting quietly and focusing on my breath for even 60-90 seconds when stress mounts helps relax my entire body from clenched muscles in my neck and shoulders to furrowed eyebrows. This physical release of tension calms my mind, improves sleep quality, and boosts overall resilience.

Mental Clarity

The racing thoughts and constant problem-solving that occupy my mom brain from sunrise to sunset fuel stress and exhaustion. Regular meditation – especially open monitoring techniques – have helped me cultivate the skill of observing my thoughts versus getting entangled in them. This mental space prevents stress thoughts from escalating and provides greater clarity to see priorities and solutions.

Emotional Balance

Meditation strengthens neural pathways associated with emotional regulation, equanimity and self-compassion. I have a much shorter fuse and easily spiral into self-judgment on stressful days. But by meditating when I first wake up or during pockets of quiet when my daughter naps, I set the stage for increased patience, peace and joy – no matter what toddler challenges come later!

Tip: Even if you only have 60-90 seconds when stress strikes, try this quick mindfulness technique – stop, take 5 conscious belly breaths, listen to sounds around you, release thoughts, return to the present. It works wonders!

By carving out small spaces in my daily marathon of mom tasks to cultivate presence through meditation, I give my body, mind and spirit the soothing care needed to prevent stress overload. The laundry can wait but inner calm can’t when trying to fully enjoy motherhood’s precious fleeting moments. Meditation helps me savor rather than stress through them.

What are some benefits of meditation for busy mothers

As moms, our daily marathon of endless tasks, demands from our job, home responsibilities, and needs of little ones often leaves us drained, short-tempered, and disconnected from ourselves and our kids. Finding time to shower each day feels like an accomplishment – let alone start a meditation practice!

But even devoting 5, 10 or 15 minutes a few times a week to quiet the mind’s chatter delivers immense benefits for busy moms. In the last year as work and family obligations ramped up, I’ve prioritized brief morning and bedtime meditations. Here’s what I’ve gained:

Enhanced Patience

When my toddler is throwing food on the floor no matter how patiently I attempt to feed her, I used to feel my blood pressure instantly rising. But by starting my day centering myself through meditation, I have much greater equanimity in responding versus reacting to provoking behavior from my daughter or other daily frustrations that arise.

Improved Sleep Quality

Between early rising kiddos jumping into bed and racing thoughts about unfinished tasks that keep me tossing and turning, moms often exist on minimal sleep. But meditating for 10 minutes before bed has become a cherished ritual. Clearing my mind creates the mental spaciousness I need for restorative rest. I fall asleep quicker, sleep more soundly through the night and feel more energized rising with the sun’s first light thanks to a simple pre-bed meditation.

Mindful Presence

The non-stop demands we moms face make it so easy to operate on auto-pilot, absorbed in our to-do lists and worries versus tuning into our children’s needs and magical moments happening right under our distracted gaze. Regular mindfulness meditation has helped me stay grounded in each interaction with my daughter – from playtime giggles to tantrum tears. I’m able to truly see, hear and be with versus mentally checking out.

Tip: On extra busy days when even 5 minutes for solo meditation seems impossible to carve out, try practicing mindfulness while completing mundane household chores. As you prepare a bottle or fold onesies, anchor into the physical sensations or sounds versus letting the mind wander.

As an exhausted but devoted mama, meditation’s benefits never cease to amaze me – easing stress, cultivating presence, fostering gentle patience. My days feel richer, less reactive, and more purposeful. Moms, the investment of carving out small spaces for mindfulness delivers huge dividends for both you and your babes.

What guided meditations work well for mothers of young children

Mother taking a 5 minute break while she meditates

As exhausted moms trying to juggle the constant demands of work, home and parenting duties, finding the time and mental space to nurture our own wellbeing is challenging. Luckily even 5 minutes of guided meditation specifically designed for mothers with babies, toddlers or young children delivers immense benefits – more patience, joy in parenting, and calm presence to soak up precious fleeting moments versus operating on stressed-out autopilot.

Here are some excellent free guided meditations on popular meditation apps that have worked wonders for me as a mother of a rambunctious toddler:


These cover a range of meditation styles from mindfulness and movement to visualizations that instill calm and self-compassion. All running under 10 minutes, they easily squeeze into nap times or precious early morning moments before the kids awaken. I always emerge feeling refreshed, recentered and better prepared to soak up special moments mindfully versus drowning in multitasking.

Tip: Struggling to stay awake once the rare chance for solo meditation arises? Try meditating in a slow walking pace across your living room versus sitting still. Movement-based meditations are super rejuvenating for sleepy mamas!

What guided meditation will you try today, mamas? Your self-care isn’t selfish – even a short mindful break ensures you can give your best to the children you adore but also deplete your reserves. You matter too!

InsightTimerThousands of free guided meditations available, can track meditation statistics over timeNo structured multi-day programs for beginners
CalmClean interface, 21-day programs for beginners, meditations for specific themes like gratitude or self-esteem, sleep storiesOnly some content is free – must subscribe to access all features
ExpectfulDesigned specifically for fertility, pregnancy and motherhood, research-backed, highly tailored contentMostly contains paid meditations and courses withoutmuch free content

Where can mothers find time in their busy schedules for meditation

Carving out even a few minutes in our chaotic days with little ones underfoot to nourish our own souls with meditation often feels completely impossible. But through much trial and error, I’ve discovered a few simple strategies to fit this precious self-care ritual into my jam-packed schedule as a mother:

Morning Magic

My preferred time is waking up just 10 minutes earlier than normal. In the blissful quiet before the kids or partner awaken and daily demands begin flooding in, I grab a cozy blanket and meditate on the couch. These calm moments set a focused, intentional tone for my whole day.

Nap Time Ritual

When my daughter goes down for her afternoon nap, I resist the urge to clean or squeeze in more work frantically. Instead, I practice yoga stretches and then listen to a quick 10 minute meditation from my Expectful app. Emerging energized versus drained from this break makes me a more pleasant parent when she awakens!

Bedtime Wind-Down

To slow my racing mind and ease into restful sleep versus tossing and turning, I always take 5-10 minutes to meditate in bed before turning off the light. As moms, our brains are often still spinning from kid duties and other obligations. But clearing mentally clutter and centering through meditation helps me detach and unwind. I fall asleep much faster!

Tip: On especially hectic days when a meditation break feels impossible, I pause to take just 5-10 mindful belly breaths periodically while cooking, nursing, or even changing a poopy diaper! Inserting quick meditative check-ins keeps me calm and present.

Rather than demanding perfection with a lengthy daily sit, experiment with scattering mini meditations mornings, during naptime, or before bed. Think small but regular. Consistency – even in tiny doses – leads to huge payoffs over time for wellbeing!

How long should a mom meditate each day to see benefits

As an exhausted new mom slowly realizing mindfulness could help me better manage anxiety and overwhelm, I despaired thinking I’d need to somehow carve out 45 minutes a day – as some meditation guides recommend – for closed-eye sitting. The idea seemed laughable while struggling to even shower daily under the relentless demands of an infant!

The wonderful truth is you don’t need much meditation time as a busy mama to reap huge benefits – just consistency, even starting with just 1-2 minutes once or twice a day!

Here’s my realistic guide for how long moms should sit based on your bandwidth:

60 seconds:

  • 1 minute seriously helps! Just focusing on your breath or repeating a mantra for 60 seconds when you first wake up, waiting in a hectic pediatrician’s office or before a meeting sets the stage for increased calm, clarity and emotional resilience to handle whatever comes your way.

5 minutes:

  • Perfect for newbies! This allows enough time to guide you through a full body scan, visualization or talk you through calming an overwhelmed mind. Consistently doing a short 5 minute practice builds the meditation habit.

10-15 minutes:

If your baby is reliably napping 30 minutes, fantastic! Use half the time to nourish yourself. This gives space to sink deeper into mindfulness, self-compassion or spiritual connection important for mama wellness. 

20+ minutes:

Once comfortable with meditation, sitting for 20, 30 or even 45 minutes lets you tap into deeper

Do meditation apps have programs designed specifically for mothers?

As a busy mom, I understand how tempting it is to brush self-care like meditation to the bottom of your to-do list. But nourishing your own well-being is just as important as feeding your kiddos and managing the Million tiny tasks of motherhood! Luckily, fabulous meditation apps now exist providing programs finely tuned to us mamas.

I’ve found two apps with excellent free content meeting exhausted or pregnant mamas exactly where we are at:


Geared specifically around fertility, pregnancy and motherhood, Expectful’s meditation guides and courses help you bond with baby, prepare for labor, balance hormones, reconnect postpartum and more with research-backed techniques. I loved practicing their visualizations during my pregnancy!


Beyond hundreds of fabulous meditations for anxiety, sleep, focus and more, Calm launched a new “Soothing Sundays” program just for moms! It has specific sessions on patience, self-compassion, letting go of mom guilt, finding work/life balance as a parent and additional nurturing topics we all need support with.

Both Expectful and Calm also have sleep stories to calm racing minds at bedtime. And with SPECIALOFFER codes, you can access these apps very affordably!

I know how impossible sitting down to meditate can feel on many chaotic days in the early years of motherhood. But taking just 5-10 minutes to nourish your mind, body and spirit with meditations crafted specifically for YOUR needs as a mama will help you be a happier, calmer parent!

Tip: Struggling with insomnia, exhaustion or anxiety? Start by doing just ONE short, nurturing meditation from Expectful or Calm’s mom collections at bedtime or in the morning. Tiny steps create big results over time!

You’ve got this, mamas!

Can meditation for mothers improve patience and self-regulation?

As much as we adore our kids, every mother has felt her frustration boil over when little ones push our limits – whether it’s the 2 year old throwing a tantrum in the supermarket aisle or the 8 year old refusing to turn off video games for dinner. In those heated moments, our biggest challenge is self-regulating our own anger or anxiety responses to instead patiently address the situation.

The wonderful news is that accumulating research on meditation shows it rapidly boosts moms’ patience, compassion, and emotional resilience in challenging parenting contexts. Let’s explore the evidence-based benefits:

Enhanced Self Awareness

By training the mind to stay anchored in the present during meditation, moms become more attuned on a neurological level to our own emotional warning signs – like tightening stomach muscles or clenched jaw when kids’ behavior triggers escalation. Noticing frustrations earlier is key for self-regulation.

Strengthened Calm Response

The deep mental and physical relaxation response activated in meditation builds neural pathways of calm and tolerance. As daily meditation becomes a habit, moms’ innate stress reactivity lessens and our capacity for equanimity and clear-headedness strengthens.

Increased compassion – Loving-kindness meditation specifically focuses on activating unconditional, tender feelings towards ourselves and others. Practicing even brief loving-kindness meditations makes it easier for moms to access self-compassion when we make mistakes with our kids – and tap into empathy, wisdom and care when children need connection versus punishment in upsetting situations.

Tip: Feeling quick to anger? Set a chime on your phone for mini 2 minute breathing meditation breaks. Taking these mental chill pills pre-empts parent/child interactions escalating!

The motherhood marathon requires mammoth patience and perseverance. By training our minds through regular meditation to pause, breathe and anchor into calm before reacting, we can access needed reservoirs of self-regulation and compassion. Both we and our children benefit!

What meditation postures are comfortable for pregnant women or new moms?

During my twin pregnancy, sitting cross-legged to meditate quickly became impossible with my giant belly by the second trimester! And now as a new mom, it still feels awkward contorting into a pretzel shape during the rare chances I grab for solo meditation amidst breastfeeding and bouncing a baby on my knee.

Don’t let discomfort dissuade you from starting a meditation ritual during pregnancy or the early mom days! No fancy poses needed. Here are doable options:

Seated in a Chair

Sit comfortably in a chair, feet grounded on floor, spine long, chest open. For added comfort, place a pillow behind low back or under knees. Feel dignified and stable rather than strained. A superb posture for pregnant bellies or nursing!

Lying on Your Side

Grab a bolster pillow for knees and head during late pregnancy or postpartum. Ensure your head is supported and knees slightly bent to alleviate strain on low back. Feel completely nourished!

Child’s Pose

Pregnant or post-delivery moms short on time? Sink right into this soothing, restorative kneeling posture with head down. Calms baby in utero and gives tired new mamas a rejuvenating moment.


Not even a minute for stillness? Practice mindful, slow walking meditations – anchor into the sensations of feet connecting with ground, the miracle of movement. Stand and breathe consciously while babywearing or pushing a stroller too!

Most important is consistency carving out just 60-90 seconds for breathwork and mindfulness – no perfect posture needed! But the above options help soothe common physical discomforts in pregnancy and postpartum. Slow down mama – you deserve this quiet moment of centering!

How can meditation help mothers bond with their babies?

The arrival of a newborn, while profoundly magical, also unleashes absolute chaos, exhaustion and stress as we adjust to round-the-clock feeding, diapering and tending to their every tiny need. In the blurry haze of early motherhood, it’s so easy to operate on autopilot just trying to survive the days versus truly connecting with the miracle baby we hold.

I distinctly remember barely having a spare second to shower after my daughter’s birth, let alone scroll through my phone or tune into my thoughts. But I started using her nap times to ease onto the living room carpet for a quick 10 minute meditation. Beyond helping me relieve anxiety and frustration, these simple mindfulness practices allowed me special moments of presence with her after she awakened.

Rather than immediately rushing off to tackle dishes or laundry, I would gaze at her – really taking her in, admiring each finger and toe – in a soft, unhurried way only meditation cultivates. We would snuggle skin-to-skin breathing in unison. It felt like falling in love, a sense of deep soul recognition surging through me towards this tiny being I grew for 9 months in my womb.

All new moms deserve these pockets of time and space through meditation to truly see, know, respect and bond with our babies beyond meeting functional needs alone. Even if you have what feels like one million things demanding your attention, I implore you to occasionally pause and drink in quiet moments with your newborn after meditating – memorizing their smell, the perfection of those tiny ears, how their eyes shine like moons meeting your gaze.

Rock them, hum to them, let your hearts sync up. It nourishes and grounds us through the wildness of early motherhood. These babies are ours for such a fleeting phase of life. Meditation helps me fully receive the miracle, the privilege of getting to be their mama.

Are there any meditations focused on healing from postpartum depression?

As mothers, we often put intense pressure on ourselves to snap back to our pre-baby lives – getting our bodies, homes and productivity levels “back” within weeks after birth. But this high bar leads 1 in 7 new moms to suffer postpartum depression and anxiety within a year of giving birth. The feelings of anger, hopelessnesss and emotional numbness leave us unable to enjoy our precious little ones.

If you are one of the many mothers struggling with PPA/PPD, please know support and healing is available. Alongside professional counseling, certain meditation and mindfulness practices show promising effects in reducing depressive symptoms and helping new moms embrace this transition:

  • Loving-kindness meditation: sends compassion towards yourself and others versus self-criticism
  • Gratitude meditation: focuses on blessings versus losses in your pre versus postpartum life
  • Mindfulness meditation: enhances ability to observe thoughts/emotions without judgment or believing distorted negative narratives
  • Deep breathing: activiates parasympathetic nervous system to calm emotional spirals
  • Walking meditation: releases feel-good endorphins while being present with baby in the carrier or stroller

I experienced intense PPD after my emergency C-section. My Expectful app became a lifeline, with meditations on mourning the birth experience I envisioned, cultivating self-love postpartum, accepting help from others despite guilt and slowly restoring my sense of identity. Guided imagery, journaling and yoga were saving graces too.

Don’t struggle alone, mamas. You are stronger than you know. With compassionate support, PPD does not have to define your motherhood journey. There is light and joy ahead.

Can meditation reduce anger and frustration in mothers?

As much as we adore our kids, every mother has felt her irritation spike when little ones push us past our limits day after day whether it’s:

  • The 2 year old throwing a screeching tantrum when you just need to grab milk from the grocery store checkout line
  • The eyeroll-inducing fights between siblings that erupt the minute your Zoom call starts
  • The picky preschooler who refuses to touch or take one darn bite of your thoughtfully cooked meal

In those heated moments, our biggest challenge is self-regulating our own anger and frustration responses to instead patiently address the situation with empathy, compassion and clear guidance for our children. Regular meditation can help transform these reactions, boosting resilience on multiple levels:

Physical Relaxation

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, meditation signals our bodies to release physical tension tied to anger – relaxing clenched jaw, fists and shoulders. This bodily settling helps calm the mind.

Neurological Changes

Over time, mindfulness and loving kindness meditations strengthen areas of mamas’ brains tied to emotional regulation, equanimity, and compassion. We grow better able to press pause when that 2 year old tantrum triggers the rage reflex.

Tip: When you feel irritation surge, take just 60-90 seconds for belly breaths. Say to yourself “Soften and widen” to relax muscles around anger and open perspective. Then respond!

Mental Clarity

When our kids send us reeling, meditation clears reactionary mental chatter so we can tap inner wisdom on how to address behavior minus yelling. We access the centered, intentional mindset needed to model emotional regulation for our children too.

Make meditating a daily habit, mamas – even starting with just 5 minutes. It truly helps transform reactions into mindful, compassionate responses so we can parent from our best selves.

What meditations foster self-compassion for busy moms?

As devoted moms we so often care meticulously for our children, spouses and even coworkers – preparing nourishing meals, scheduling doctor visits, supporting emotional needs. But we frequently run ourselves ragged trying to perfectly play all these caregiver roles – often neglecting our own basic self-care until we spiral into exhaustion, anxiety, frustration and even depression.

Cultivating radical self-compassion through a simple daily meditation practice truly helps moms better care for their loved ones. When our own cups are full, we parent from abundance rather than the scarcity of an empty tank.

Here are my favorite types to foster gentleness towards our invaluable yet imperfect selves:

Loving Kindness

Repeat tender mantras wishing ourselves patience, strength and joy. Instills self-acceptance versus self-criticism for the inevitable mama mistakes.


Notice all we accomplish in a day versus dwelling on failures – savor the giggles, messy art projects, tiny shoes lined up by the door. Feel pride in yourself.

Breath Awareness

Anchoring into physical sensations, release judgmental thoughts. Return to the peace of the present moment, reconnect with the feeling of enoughness.

Body Scan

Systematically relax each part of the body from toes to head. This melts away tension, letting self-care soften muscle armoring that protects us but also disconnects us from our tenderness.

Commit to just one longer 15-20 minute self-compassion meditation weekly, then micro-practices (30-60 seconds) sprinkled daily. I promise, the shifts towards speaking to yourself as you would a beloved friend versus inner bully create huge payoffs for mama wellness and family happiness!

How can mothers teach meditation practices to their children?

As a mindfulness meditation teacher and mom of 2 energetic boys, I’m constantly striving to weave simple but powerful grounding and self-regulation practices into our family routines. Between school drop-offs, sports schedules, homework battles and nonstop laundry, our home life can feel breathless, stressful and disconnected if we’re not intentional.

While toddlers have limited attention spans for formal seated meditation, school-age kids thrive learning techniques to help them manage emotions, improve focus, resolve conflict and de-stress. Here are fun, meaningful ways moms can teach meditation to children starting around ages 4+:

Belly Breathing

Have kids place small toys on their tummies, watching them rise and fall exaggeratedly with deep breaths to build body awareness. Practice countdowns like “breathe in sunshine for 4 seconds, breathe out the rain for 5.”

Mindful Observation

Before biting into a snack, have your child describe how it looks, smells and feels in their hands with full attention. Or take nightly mindfulness nature walks in the backyard or neighborhood to awaken senses.

Guided Imagery

Tell an imaginative story prompting kids to visualize peaceful images like “pretend floating on a fluffy cloud or snorkeling with bright fish.” Builds concentration skills.

Tip: Weave mindfulness into your child’s normal routine – try mindfully brushing teeth focusing on sensations, walking meditations traveling to school, or gratitude sharing during bedtime cuddles.

By planting seeds early on for kids to tap into the present moment versus live reactive, chaotic lives, we gift them lifelong tools for self awareness, focus and handling adversity. Together we can all learn to pause and breathe!

Conclusion on Meditation for Moms

As busy mothers trying to balance never-ending work and home responsibilities all while meeting our children’s constant needs, carving out even a few minutes for self-care can feel completely impossible. We pour from an empty cup, running on fumes of caffeine, sugar and sheer determination day after day. Our minds race and emotions seesaw so easily from joyful to overwhelmed.

But through my own journey of discovery as both a mom and longtime meditator, I’m here to tell you that weaving even small moments of centering practice into your days truly pays dividends for your sanity, patience and ability to be fully present for each fleeting stage of motherhood.

Whether you commit to a quick 3 minute morning meditation, do mindful walking while pushing the stroller, take belly breaths during tantrums or practice gratitude while preparing dinner, choose one thing and stick with it! Tiny steps create huge results over time.

As mothers, our bodies grow tiny humans, our arms rock them to sleep, our hearts swell with pride at each milestone met. But we must also carve out moments to grow our own souls. By committing to an ongoing meditation ritual – no matter how short – we gift ourselves the benefits of lowered stress, enhanced calm and increased connection.

The laundry can wait but this radical act of nourishing your inner light cannot. You deserve it, mama. Your whole family will reap the rewards of you feeling grounded, energized and fully present.

I’m rooting for you. Start today. Just breathe. 

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