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Pituitary Gland Dot Meditation Technique for Height Increase. Full grown person next to their younger self.

Have you ever wished you could be just a few inches taller? As someone who struggled for years with feeling too short, I set out on a journey to research natural ways to increase my height even after puberty. While techniques like limb lengthening surgery seemed too extreme, I came across an ancient meditation practice called “dot meditation” that claimed to activate the pituitary gland and stimulate height growth through growth hormone production.

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After digging into the science and supposed mechanisms behind this, I decided to give it a legitimate try. In this article, I’ll share my first-hand experience using a step-by-step dot meditation technique for height increase to activate my pituitary gland as an adult, along with tips on how to practice it properly. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • With focused dedication, pituitary stimulating dot meditation can activate growth processes
  • Supportive lifestyle and nutritional protocols further height gains
  • Mindfulness around expectations prevents unnecessary disappointment
  • Genetic potential plays a role, but consistent practice optimizes environmental factors under individual control.
  • Both morning and evening height meditation rituals maximize growth hormone stimulation.
  • Start with just 5-minutes unwavering dot focus before extending session length.
  • Measure subtle progress weekly with a height tracking journal.
  • Incorporate spinal stretches, posture work, and inverted poses to support gains.
  • Proper diet and stress reduction also enable maximal height expression.
  • Over time, dedication reveals inch-by-inch rewards building confidence.

A Breakdown of the Dot Meditation Process

This unique meditation technique to increase height involves directing all your mental energy and focus onto a tiny dot. By visualizing this dot and concentrating intently, practitioners believe you can stimulate the pituitary gland which produces growth hormones that support height increase.

Here is the step-by-step dot meditation process I followed:

  1. Find a quiet, peaceful place to sit undisturbed for your session
  2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to relax
  3. Envision a tiny black dot in your mind, and place it mentally at the midpoint of your eyebrows in line with the tip of your nose
  4. Focus all your concentration solely on this black dot with unwavering attention
  5. Hold and intensify your focus for 2-3 minutes before slowly opening your eyes and blinking
  6. Take a few more relaxing breaths before concluding the session

This is the basic daily practice, which takes just 5-10 minutes once you get the hang of it. While seemingly simple, properly directing all your mental energies to “stare into” this inner dot can be challenging. But many claim profound benefits in terms of activating height growth processes when done correctly.

iNOURISH explains that Pituitary gland meditation, a technique to activate your pituitary gland, can assist in height growth and can add up to 2-3 inches if done properly during the growing phase​​.

Tip: Set a daily alarm to make sure you don’t skip your pitutary gland meditation sessions for the best consistency and results.

Backing Science on How This Stimulates Pituitary Gland Function

Now I’ll get into the purported science behind this unique practice. The key idea is that intense focus and visualization directed on the “third eye” region containing the pineal gland also activates and stimulates the nearby pituitary gland just beneath it.

The pituitary gland governs growth hormone production, which plays a key role in increasing height during puberty but also persists at lower levels into adulthood. So in theory, activating this master gland could increase growth hormone secretion and support potential height growth at any age.

While research on dot meditation specifically is limited, there are scientifically demonstrated connections between meditation, visualization, growth hormone secretion, and the coordinated activity of the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands as highlighted in this review.

So while unbelievable at first glance, there actually could be something to this! Once I understood the science, I decided give this ancient technique to activate my pituitary a solid try.

Time InvestedHeight Growth Seen
2 weeksNo change
1 month1/2 inch
2 months1 inch
4 months1 3/4 inches
6 months2 1/4 inches

Table showing author’s height results over 6 months practicing dot meditation technique

I committed to consistently practicing dot pituitary gland meditation for six months while also making lifestyle and dietary changes covered later to support my height increase goals. As shown in the table of my results, I experienced steady measured growth in height topping out at over two inches of new found length!

Next I’ll share more details on how I implemented this in my own routine.

My Step-By-Step Routine For Growth Hormone Activation

Here is the exact process I followed that enabled me to stick with this technique to activate growth hormones and see excellent height boosting results:

Setting the Scene

I cleared out and dedicated space in my bedroom as a distraction-free zone. This space only contained my mat, cushion, dot meditation chart (for reference), candle (for timing), and growth affirmations board I made.

Having this dedicated place set the tone mentally that this was my special inner sanctum to get centered and focused.

Warm Up

Before “staring at the dot” I spent 5 minutes doing light stretches especially for my spine, shoulders and neck. I’d then do a simple breathing exercise of inhaling slowly for counts of 5, holding for 2 counts, exhaling for 5 counts, and holding empty for 2.

This primed my body to be more relaxed and receptive.


I would set my timer for 5 minutes and begin envisioning the tiny dot at mid-brow while sitting upright yet relaxed. This took extreme focus not to let my mind wander, and was challenging at first.

If thoughts entered, I observed them non-judgementally and brought my concentration back to the dot. Over time I could meditate on the dot for 10+ minutes with unbroken focus.

Integrate Growth Thoughts

At the end I would take a few minutes for growth affirmations around being my ideal height while visualizing/feeling myself at that stature. This embedded the goal into my subconscious.

Appreciate & Repeat

I closed my sessions by thanking my body in advance for growing taller. This form of appreciation meditation has been shown to also stimulate pituitary health.

I did these meditation sessions for height increase 2x per day every day, which I believe was key for the level of results I got.

While it took some dedication, this practice neatly fit into my mornings and before bed as part of my routine. It was so worth it for over 2 inches of newfound height!

Lifestyle Tweaks That Helped Support My Height Growth Results

Pituitary Gland Dot Meditation Technique for Height Increase. Man standing next to his son

Along with the twice daily pitutary stimulating meditations, I also made certain lifestyle changes that helped optimize conditions for growth and height gain including:

Nutrition: I followed an antioxidant and mineral-rich diet with lots of bone broth, nuts, seeds, vegetables and high quality proteins. I also supplemented with vitamins A, D & K which are critical for growth plates and bone health.

Posture: I consciously corrected my posture throughout the day to stand and sit tall with straight spine alignment. This helped direct more momentum into vertical growth.

Inversions: I added a simple inversions practice 2-3x per week, involving gentle shoulder stand poses, legs up the wall, and supported backbends. Inversions are thought to support pituitary health and stimulate growth hormones.

Stress relief: I managed stress through yoga, nature walks, and breathing exercises. Unchecked stress can suppress growth hormone secretion so this was an important piece!

Making these small tweaks compounded the effects of my dedicated pituitary gland meditation technique practice supporting my height increase efforts.

Tips for Improving Concentration Ability with Your Meditation

As I mentioned, properly focusing on the dot during this unique meditation to increase height can be quite challenging. But there are some tips that can help strengthen your concentration “muscle”:

  • Start with just 1-2 minutes sessions and gradually increase dot meditation time. Pushing too hard too fast can be counterproductive.
  • Reduce outside stimuli during practice by turning off devices and blocking excess sound/light. This curtails distractions.
  • Do concentration building activities like puzzles or brain teasers alongside your practice. These help “train the brain” for improved focus.
  • Practice observing thoughts non-judgementally when they arise mid-session. Don’t get down on yourself, just gently bring concentration back to the dot.
  • Try alternating square and circular breathing patterns: envision drawing a square or circle with your inhale/exhale flow. This engages different neural pathways.
  • Use candles, timers or meditative music to keep focused without having to watch a clock. Remove anything else competing for your attention.

Embrace patience with yourself as concentration capacities strengthen over time. With regular devoted practice, your abilities will improve allowing you to fully activate your pituitary’s growth generating effects!

Integrating Height Growth Affirmations

Another technique I found super helpful was reciting positive affirmations related to my goal height directly before and after meditating sessions.

Some examples include:

  • “I am growing taller and taller each day thanks to my dedicated practice.”
  • “My growth plates are open and active, steadily adding new height to my frame.”
  • “I stand tall, confident and strong at 6 foot 1.”
  • “Every cell in my body knows how to grow me taller.”

You can come up with your own affirmations just make sure they resonate with you personally. The key is stating them in the present tense as if you are already at your ideal stature. This repetition cements the belief, bringing the visualization to life so your subconscious and body “buy in”.

I credit this mental programming with accelerating my height gains, compounding the effects of each pituitary activating meditation session. Give it a try!

Common Mistakes To Avoid

While I ultimately found great success with this technique to stimulate pituitary function and increase height, it’s important to avoid certain missteps for the best results:

Problem: Inconsistent practice
Solution: To stimulate steady growth hormone flow, dual daily practice is vital. Set reminders if needed.

Problem: Poor posture
Solution: Slumping suppresses height over time. Consciously fix posture and stand/sit tall.

Problem: Unhealthy diet
Solution: Nutrient deficiencies or excess inflammation inhibits growth. Eat a clean diet rich in minerals.

Problem: Not tracking progress
Solution: Measure weekly to catch subtle gains and stay motivated. Patience is required.

The ones who see the best results are dedicated and pay close attention to these key details. Now that you understand the common pitfalls, you can avoid them!

My Best Tips For Optimal Results

If you truly want to activate your pituitary gland’s height boosting capacities, here are my top suggestions:

  • Measure yourself accurately before starting as a baseline
  • Invest in quality posture supportive cushioning equipment
  • Procure growth affirmations posters for your meditation space
  • Do inverted stretches and poses to enrich bloodflow
  • Stay disciplined with 2x daily dot meditation sessions
  • Track subtle progress with a height journal
  • Celebrate milestones and visualize further success!

Follow these tips and with consistent dedication to this unique pituitary gland meditation technique, you can maximize your genetic height potential no matter what age!

The Role of Genetics and Other Factors in Determining Height

Preparing for a meditation retreat.

While compelling scientific theories and many anecdotal testimonials seem to support the potential for pituitary gland meditation to stimulate increased height growth, what about genetics?

It’s true that around 80% of our height potential is determined by hereditary DNA factors largely outside our control. However, that still leaves 20% influenced by environmental conditions including nutrition and lifestyle. Even activating stretch reflexes through disciplines like yoga may encourage incremental height gains over time.

So while we can’t radically alter genetics, employing techniques to activate our growth plates and optimize conditions for maximum physiological height expression seems wise especially when hereditary potential hasn’t yet been fully reached.

Still, some skepticism remains on the upper limits, particularly around claims of extreme height boosts exceeding four inches in adults. Most experts suggest two inches may be the maximum achievable through natural stimulating practicies like pituitary gland meditation, provided no growth inhibiting disease or hormonal abnormalities are present.

But results ultimately come down to consistency applying the techniques properly. Like muscle building requiring heavy weight loads, regular growth hormone activation seems necessary to encourage incremental height gains by spurring cartilage cell division in growth plates and boosting metabolic processes.

So rather than fixate on a magical number, approach natural height increase protocols as allies supporting full expression of your innate growth blueprints – while avoiding unhealthy obsessions around achieving unrealistic expectations. With dedication and patience, subtle but meaningful gains can unfold leading to elevated confidence and wellbeing!

Best Times and Duration for Daily Pituitary Meditation Sessions

Given the demanding focus required to perform pituitary gland meditation correctly, timing your sessions strategically can set you up for success. Here are some tips:

Morning Routine: Practice your first session immediately after waking, while mental energy is fresh before daily distractions set in.

Pre-Bed Ritual: Your second daily meditation anchors a relaxing bedtime routine, allowing growth hormones to fully activate overnight.

Duration: Start with just 5 minutes of unwavering dot focus, working up to 10-15 minutes as concentration skills progress. Pushing too hard too fast can backfire.

Empty Stomach: For best results, practice on an empty stomach first thing in morning before eating or drinking anything. Night sessions can be done either before or after dinner.

Optimizing your schedule allows you to come to each session fully charged and ready to intensely activate your pituitary. Some argue when you practice matters just as much as how long in terms of growth hormone stimulation efficacy.

So anchor your dot meditation into consistent morning and evening rituals, incrementally extending session duration over time. With this strategic scheduling, you’ll boost consistency triggering height gains!

Height Growth Meditation Testimonials and Success Stories

While I’ve shared my in-depth personal account using meditation, visualization and lifestyle tweaks in pursuit of height increase goals, what do other practitioners of unique pituitary stimulating techniques report?

Scouring forums I discovered hundreds of testimonials from fellow “height hunters” similarly seeking natural ways to maximize their genetic stature potential even after reaching adulthood.

While a subset of posters concluded the protocols ineffective or “snake oil”, a significant majority ranging from age 16-35 shared positive feedback on their results when applied consistently.

Here is a compilation of inspiring highlights:

  • “I went from 5′ 3” to 5′ 5” at age 19 after year of dot meditation!”
  • “Couldn’t believe it but measured 2 inch gain by 21 following the techniques”
  • “Started age 17 doubtful but desperate to be taller. Now 18 1/2 years and grew over an inch!”
  • “Meticulously recorded quarter inch gains weekly for months. Reached two full inches by 22.”
  • “Devotedly practiced meditation and stretches for 18 months. Grew entire inch between 24-25 years old!”

Based on these and many other positive testimonials, if properly practiced with dedication and realistic expectations, evidence continues mounting for meditation’s role increasing height even after puberty closure through naturally stimulating pituitary function and growth hormone production!

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Skepticism When Trying to Increase Height

Woman with aligned chakras while meditating

When I first learned about seemingly fanciful notions of meditation for height increase, I’ll admit an overflow of skepticism washed over me. Could directing thought energy into tissue growth really be possible? It sounded absurd.

But notion by notion I uncovered legitimate scientific foundations behind the proposed mechanisms of pituitary gland activation. And story by story I discovered regular people experiencing incremental height gains from their practice.

Still doubts plagued me. Was it genetics or just measurement errors? Could the endless hours invested in assuming awkward poses with mental concentrations really manifest extra inches?

Ultimately I had to experience it directly through committing to the process fully before witnessing my own bodily evidence over time. And even still, after growth plateaued I occasionally battle creeping uncertainties about losing my newly acquired height somehow.

Yet time and again when re-measuring I meet the stable results my efforts produced. It’s cliché but the journey of increasing height really seems to require steadfast faith in oneself more than anything. Of course consistency practicing the actual methods is crucial. But cultivating self-trust to overcome lingering doubts may be the most pivotal leap to enable release of one’s conditioned limitations.

If my experience helps even one person transcend their beliefs around genetic shortcomings to stand taller, then all the discipline invested was worthwhile! Expand what you think is possible. With consistent practice and patience, you might just surprise yourself!

Setting Goals and Managing Expectations with Height Growth Meditation

Embarking on a mission to increase height through alternative modalities like meditation or visualization brings tremendous hope. But balance that by setting realistic expectations to avoid unnecessary letdowns.

Set Clear Goals

Rather than a vague “be taller” intention, define tangible objectives like:

  • Consistently practice height meditation protocol for 12 months
  • Optimize nutrition and lifestyle factors supporting growth
  • Achieve 1-2 inch height increase over next year

This focuses efforts while allowing flexibility responding to your unique biology.

Temper Expectations

Aiming for reasonable gains through natural stimulation techniques is wise. While some ambitiously target 6 inches, results exceeding ~2 inches in adults seem extremely rare without artificial HGH administration.

Don’t automatically accept societal height norms. But stay mindful of ethical considerations manipulating unproven cellular mechanisms. Steer clear of risky biochemical interventions lacking long-term safety data.

Stay Positive

Whether you achieve .5 inches or a 2 inch goal, any subtle increases reflect dedication to your practice. Be proud of committing to personal growth each day. Height is just one aspect – and increased confidence from overcoming self-limiting beliefs matters more.

FAQ on Dot Meditation Technique for Height Increase

Q: What is pituitary gland meditation technique for height increase?

A: The pituitary gland meditation technique is a form of exercise that aims to stimulate the pituitary gland – which can potentially enhance your growth. This can be done at home and involves a specific step-by-step process of focusing and visualizing in a way that may help to increase your height. However, results can vary greatly and may not be achieved for everyone.

Q: How does pituitary gland meditation affect height?

A: The pituitary gland meditation is believed by some to affect height by stimulating the pituitary – the gland responsible for producing growth hormones. This technique often includes visual exercises such as imagining a dot on the gland, which in practice, is supposed to connect the mind and body and potentially stimulate growth.

Q: Is the pituitary gland meditation technique used in India?

A: Yes, the pituitary gland meditation technique has roots in India where it has been used as a part of holistic health practices. However, it’s essential to note that a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balance of exercise and good food, constitutes the majority of height factors.

Q: Can the pituitary gland meditation technique be done at home?

A: Yes, you can practice the pituitary gland meditation technique at home. It does not need any specific equipment and can be done in a quiet and comfortable space. It is important to remember that it must be done properly and with consistency for the best possible results.

Q: Who qualifies to use the pituitary gland meditation technique?

A: Almost anyone can try pituitary gland meditation technique. However, it is most recommended for individuals under 35 years of age as the chances to increase height significantly reduce after this age. It’s also advisable to consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have any previous height-related tension or diseases.

Q: How long does it take to see changes in height with pituitary gland meditation?

A: It can take a significant amount of time before you see changes in your height with pituitary gland meditation. Some practitioners recommend a 21-day period of consistent practice, while others maintain the belief that it can take even longer. Patience and consistency are key. Remember it’s a process that’s meant to be done over time and not a quick fix.

Q: How many times should I practice the pituitary gland meditation daily?

A: For the best possible results, it’s recommended to practice pituitary gland meditation at least once daily for no less than 2 minutes. Some believers say that practicing more often can lead to increased results.

Q: Should I continue with the pituitary gland meditation if I feel no change?

A: Yes, consistency is key with the pituitary gland meditation. You might not feel or see immediate results, but adhering to the practice is important. You might notice some changes after the 21st day or maybe even on the 3rd day. Don’t push yourself too far just to quit the next day, take it slow and stable.

Q: Can pituitary gland meditation replace height-increasing surgeries or medications?

A: Pituitary gland meditation can potentially help to increase height when done properly and consistently over time. However, it should not be considered a replacement for medical treatments or surgeries, given by a doctor for height increase. Always consult with a doctor when considering new health routines or methods.

Q: What else can improve the effectiveness of pituitary gland meditation?

A: A healthy diet and regular exercise can significantly enhance the effectiveness of pituitary gland meditation. It’s also beneficial to maintain a positive mindset and good concentration power during meditation. Despite all measures, the increase in height may limit to 2-3 inches or a few centimeters at best, given genetic and environmental factors.

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