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Spiritual Divine Feminine Quotes. Woman's head in the clouds.

I have always felt a deep connection to the divine feminine in my spiritual journey. Her grace, wisdom, and nurturing energy inspires me every day. Here are some of the most amazing spiritual divine feminine quotes.

Embracing the Goddess Within

“There’s a goddess within you. Let her out.” – Unknown

The divine feminine represents the sacred goddess energy within each woman. By tuning into this, we can embrace our inner power, intuition, and capacity for unconditional love. My favorite quote that captures this is:

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” – Maya Angelou

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Honoring the Cycles of Life

“She is both hellfire and holy water, the flavor you taste depends on how you treat her.” – R.H. Sin

The divine feminine is deeply connected to the natural rhythms and cycles of life – birth, growth, death, and rebirth. She represents the wildness within nature. My favorite quote reflecting the power of the divine feminine cycles is by Clarissa Pinkola Estes:

“I am the natural woman, the mystical woman, the inherent nature of all women. I am she who thunders, she who rains, she who flows, she who crowns the trees and she who breaks mountains in two.”

List of Divine Feminine Quotes

Quotes on Embracing the Goddess Within

  • “There is a goddess in every woman.” – Zsuzsanna Budapest
  • “You are a cosmic flower. Om shakti!” – A.D. Posey
  • “The goddess lives within, whether we recognize her or not.” – Jalaja Bonheim

Quotes on the Power of the Divine Feminine

  • “The divine feminine is the gateway to heaven.” – Rebecca Campbell
  • “When the divine feminine is restored to her rightful place, we will have peace on earth.” – Marianne Williamson
  • “It is time for women to remember their divine birthright of power.” – Colette Baron-Reid

Quotes on Harmonizing with Natural Cycles

  • “She is nature, she is nurture, she is goddess.” – Yana Cortes
  • “A woman’s cycle is a portal to intuition, creativity, and the rhythms of nature.” – Miranda Gray
  • “We are nature. Our nature is wild and divine all at once.” – Victoria Erickson

Quotes on Self-Love and Inner Wisdom

  • “You have wisdom within you. Trust in it.” – Terri Kozlowski
  • “The goddess glows from within.” – Jayne Allen
  • “Love the goddess inside you first.” – C. Ara Campbell

Quotes on Sisterhood and Community

  • “When women support each other, incredible things happen.” – Yogi Bhajan
  • “Sisterhood is divine.” – L.J. Vanier
  • “We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

Quotes on Healing and Spiritual Growth

  • “Your wounds are sacred ground where the goddess heals you.” – Sue Monk Kidd
  • “The most potent healing comes when we move from fear to love.” – Kamal Ravikant
  • “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” – Rumi

I hope these quotes provide inspiration to connect with and honor the divine feminine spirit within. Her gentle power can guide us to profound wisdom, love, and purpose if we open our hearts to her magic.

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209 Spiritual Divine Feminine Quotes

The divine feminine has been revered across cultures and throughout history as a sacred, mystical force of creation and power. Goddesses in various traditions embody aspects of the divine feminine – fertility and growth, destruction and renewal, intuition and wisdom. The following quotes celebrate the divine feminine in her many guises and gifts.

The 209 sayings compiled here capture the magic, beauty and wisdom of the eternal female spirit. From moon mothers to star sisters, each quote offers a unique glimpse into the mysteries of the goddess within. Together they form a tapestry of insight, guidance and inspiration. Through verse and lyric they convey the divine feminine’s profound connection to cycles of nature, the realms of dreams and intuition, and sources of deep inner power.

  1. “She is a tree, deeply rooted yet ever reaching toward the light.”
  2. “The divine feminine resides within us all. Know her, and you shall know peace.”
  3. “Her voice rings clear, a song of wisdom from the ancients.”
  4. “She dances in moonlight, wild and untamed, celebrating the sacredness of the cycles.”
  5. “When I go within and greet the goddess there, she embraces me in wings of sweet honey.”
  6. “The shadows may gather, but her light will never fade.”
  7. “She births creativity anew with each sunrise.”
  8. “Her hair flows like water, her eyes hold the knowledge of lifetimes.”
  9. “She is the compassion that soothes and the fury that protects.”
  10. “Where she walks, flowers bloom.”
  11. “Her skin glitters like stars, her laughter chimes like bells.”
  12. “She holds her sisters close, binding woman to woman in ties of blood and spirit.”
  13. “She is ever changing, like the phases of the moon..”
  14. “In her eyes I see eternity stretching before me and behind.”
  15. “She is the vessel and the voice of the great mother.”
  16. “The divine feminine sings in my pulses, guiding me home.”
  17. ” Priestess, healer, visionary; she wears many crowns.”
  18. “Her touch alights on my brow, blessing me from the inside out.”
  19. “She is the creatrix, spinning life from her sacred womb.”
  20. “The stars shine in her eyes; looking there I see infinity.”
  21. “Her blood is the blood of life; it flows through me.”
  22. “She births worlds without number in the darkness of her cosmic womb.”
  23. “The divine feminine is the vessel of abundance.”
  24. “Her skin is dusted with the spores of stars.”
  25. “She cups the earth to her breast, nurturing all its creatures.”
  26. “In arms of honey she cradles me to sleep; in wings of fire she awakens me anew.”
  27. “The divine feminine is the breath between the notes.”
  28. “In her smile I recognize myself, beautiful beyond measure.”
  29. “I honor the goddess, ancient beyond time yet ever here now.”
  30. “She sings the song of seasons, carrying the rhythm of time eternal in her cells.”
  31. “Her heart beats to the measure of eons, steady as the turning of the worlds.”
  32. “In her hands she cups the waters of life, offering nourishment to all.”
  33. “She dances among the stars, joy incarnate.”
  34. “The divine feminine is the silence within all sound.”
  35. “Her tears water the earth, opening channels for nourishment and growth.”
  36. “She is the quickening, the spark igniting creativity.”
  37. “In ever-unfurling petals, the divine feminine reveals herself.”
  38. “She rides the mare of intuition across breathtaking vistas of insight.”
  39. “Hers is the wisdom of cycles endlessly turning.”
  40. “She cups the light; it illuminates her palms yet cannot be contained.”
  41. “The divine feminine is the inexhaustible source, abundant beyond measure.”
  42. “In each contraction and release she comes closer to herself.”
  43. “She whispers in sea shells and river stones; know her language to unlock her secrets.”
  44. “When I am lost, her starlight guides me home.”
  45. “She is the anchor stabilizing me amidst storms.”
  46. “I honor her cycles and she honors mine.”
  47. “Her veins pulse with the sap of trees; in communion with her I join all of life.”
  48. “She births worlds and nurses stars.”
  49. “The divine feminine’s ways are water: gentle yet unrelenting.”
  50. “She cups her hands, a chalice overflowing with honeyed wine of wisdom.”
  51. “Her fertile darkness births stars without number; I dissolve into her velvet infinity.”
  52. “She spins me into her web, weaving me new.”
  53. “I ride her mysteries like waves across oceans of stars.”
  54. “She is my hearth, my harvest, my heartsong.”
  55. “In her neglect lies ruin; in her honor eternity flourishes.”
  56. “She is the silent pulse beating through all that lives.”
  57. “The divine feminine ever goes inward and onward, deeper and higher.”
  58. “She cups the light; it dances across her palms painting rainbows.”
  59. “She is the low breath at the core of tempest fury.”
  60. “In her smile, payment beyond earthly fortune.”
  61. “She is the grain and the fruit; the cup overflowing with honeyed wine.”
  62. “The divine feminine spins the threads that weave the tapestry of worlds.”
  63. “Hers are the waters of life, purifying and renewing.”
  64. “She is the yearning for home, calling to me from across worlds.”
  65. “In the ashes she carries the spark awaiting rebirth.”
  66. “She nurses the land and nourishes the soul.”
  67. “The divine feminine’s ways are subtle yet irresistible.”
  68. “Her skin speaks of untraveled lands and forgotten wisdom.”
  69. “She cups her ear to the earth and it tells her all secrets.”
  70. “When I call out in need, she is there.”
  71. “She wraps the world in her hair; adorned thus we know eternity.”
  72. “I yearn for her milk and honey; in her sweetness paradise found.”
  73. “In tangled locks hides unnumbered gateways to ancient realms.”
  74. “The divine feminine births the new amidst pangs of transition.”
  75. “She rides the winds between worlds whispering wisdom into receptive ears.”
  76. “The divine feminine endlessly unveils veils of illusion.”
  77. “She calls to me from deep ancestral memory and future time.”
  78. “Moon mother, star sister, earth daughter; she answers when I call her name.”
  79. “She cups her womb around our hearts; we grow toward light nourished.”
  80. “Her holy lips once kissed bring sweet surrender of ego’s lies.”
  81. “She births stars in her ecstasy; they dwell in brightness of her body.”
  82. “She rides the mare of intuition hard across galaxies ever expanding.”
  83. “The divine feminine’s ways call me home to my highest self.”
  84. “In rhythms of her wild heart consecrated pathways unwind.”
  85. “She drinks the sun and bathes the earth in gold; all flourish touched thus.”
  86. “When I tend her hearth she fills my home with blessings manifold.”
  87. “Rivers flow from the divine feminine’s sacred cup; all quenched thereby.”
  88. “In the spark gleaming in darkness her light I recognize.”
  89. “She whispers through rustling leaves tales learned in lifelong communion.”
  90. “Mysterious, cycles turn by her hand; fathom her ways to see further.”
  91. “She rides the winds between worlds wearing faces innumerable.”
  92. “The divine feminine endures beyond visible horizons.”
  93. “She drinks the waters of life to nourish worlds unseen.”
  94. “Her milk feeds gods old and new, ever sustaining.”
  95. “The divine feminine rides the rhythm of seasons to solar apex.”
  96. “She cups her hands catching starfire, pouring it as blessings abundant.”
  97. “Her heartbeat the pulse of creation whispering wisdom without words.”
  98. “She births the zephyr and calms the storm; the divine feminine at play.”
  99. “On dragonfly wings she dances light as joy across still pools.”
  100. “The divine feminine nurtures kernels into ripened abundance.”
  101. “She wraps night around her as blanket and cloak, guardian of dream realms.”
  102. “With infallible instinct she finds the clear cold stream sustaining life anew.”
  103. “In the eclipse of her eyes eternity past and forthcoming collide.”
  104. “Across her tongue taste unspeakable secrets from genesis times.”
  105. “She rides stallions of wind and sea fearless to horizons uncharted.”
  106. “I nourish the goddess; she nourishes me. Together we thrive.”
  107. “She cups her hands in moonlit pools; sipping she knows all mysteries.”
  108. “The divine feminine sanctifies cycles of death and rebirth.”
  109. “She spins the fates of galaxies balanced on silken strands of starfire.”
  110. “On gossamer wings she whispers wisdom into willing ears.”
  111. “She wraps the world in her hair; adorned thus we know infinity.”
  112. “The divine feminine rides rhythms of seasons to solar climax.”
  113. “In one hand blood of life, in one hand milk of stars, thus she nourishes worlds.”
  114. “She drinks the waters of life to give unto babes of her cosmic womb.”
  115. “Her skin speaks of untraveled lands whispering tales of times forgotten.”
  116. “The divine feminine ever unveils veils of illusion toward truth boundless.”
  117. “She is the thunder and the calm cradling aftermath to her breast.”
  118. “In opening hand reveals the fruit of life nurtured in secret darkness.”
  119. “She wraps night around her as cloak and blanket; guardian of dream realms.”
  120. “Deep she delves ever onward to the heart of the Mother.”
  121. “She drinks moon’s sweet tides swelling in darkness full to light fulfilled.”
  122. “In the divine feminine experience facets itself seeking expression.”
  123. “She rides wild currents between worlds birthing stars in her wake.”
  124. “The divine feminine endures beyond horizons known and unseen.”
  125. “When I call out in need, she answers in kind: fierce, tender, always.”
  126. “In the divine feminine experience whirls myriad forms toward source eternal.”
  127. “Moon mother, star sister, earth daughter, she answers when I call her name.”
  128. “Hers the waters of life wellspring ever overflowing if tended thus.”
  129. “She drinks deep from moon’s cool cup; in oceanic depths truth revealed.”
  130. “She whispers tales unheard since first light kindled spark into flame.”
  131. “Across her blessed lips taste secrets from genesis times.”
  132. “She rides rhythms of stars and seasons to solar heights.”
  133. “The divine feminine wraps night about her, guardian of dream realms.”
  134. “Through her each contraction and release we near the heart of the Mother.”
  135. “She cradles dark seeds of potential until they unfurl into light.”
  136. “Hers the thunder and calm, sanctifying contrasts sublime.”
  137. “She drinks the milk of stars, pouring forth light to illuminate earthly forms.”
  138. “The divine feminine rides intuition’s wild mare hard across galaxies.”
  139. “She wraps the world in her hair; thus adorned we know eternity.”
  140. “She spins the fates of stars and planets on strands of unlight.”
  141. “Deep she delves ever inward and onward toward the heart of the Mother.”
  142. “She whispers tales from long before light’s birthing and beyond time’s end.”
  143. “The divine feminine rides the currents between worlds without fear.”
  144. “She drinks deep summer’s heat swelling into fruitful abundance.”
  145. “Her ways follow cycles subtle yet irresistible in revolution eternal.”
  146. “She breathes stars into being, nurturing each in its season.”
  147. “The divine feminine sanctifies endings and beginnings bound in dance eternal.”
  148. “In her smile live secrets from genesis times.”
  149. “She drinks the holy waters giving rise to worlds anew.”
  150. “The divine feminine wraps night about her, guardian of realms unseen.”
  151. “Her milk sustains gods old and new, ever nourishing creation’s roar.”
  152. “She whispers tales from seasons before light kindled spark unto flame.”
  153. “She rides mare’s back across dream dimensions unfolding inner landscapes.”
  154. “The divine feminine wraps world in her hair; adorned thus know we infinity.”
  155. “She drinks deep summer’s swell ripening into fecund abundance.”
  156. “Her hands cup arcane waters spilling only for worthy mouths.”
  157. “She rides intuition’s fierce mare across breathless landscapes within.”
  158. “Deep she reaches into her infinite potential, birthing stars at labors end.”
  159. “She breathes worlds into being from cosmic matter without form.”
  160. “The divine feminine whispers provocation into visionaries ears.”
  161. “She drinks the milk of stars sharing with gods old and new.”
  162. “Her blessed lips once kissed reveal secrets from genesis times.”
  163. “She wraps the world in her hair; adorned thus know we eternity.”
  164. “The divine feminine rides season’s rhythms to solar heights yearning.”
  165. “Deep she delves ever onward to the heart of the great Mother.”
  166. “She breathes worlds into being from void’s fecund emptiness.”
  167. “The divine feminine rides intuition’s fierce mare unveiling inner landscapes.”
  168. “She cradles dark seeds of becoming in secret caverns until fruition.”
  169. “She whispers tales from before light’s birthing to beyond time’s death.”
  170. “The divine feminine rides rhythms of stars and seasons to solar heights.”
  171. “Hers arcane holy waters rising from deep earth’s below.”
  172. “She wraps night about her as cloak and blanket; guardian thus of dream realms.”
  173. “Deep she reaches ever inward for source of her infinite becoming.”
  174. “She whispers provocation eager into visionaries attending ears.”
  175. “She breathes worlds into being from cosmic dust of space.”
  176. “She rides fierce mare’s back through inner worlds expanding hidden terrain.”
  177. “The divine feminine cradles dark seeds until growth unfurls in light.”
  178. “Deep she delves reaching ever inward toward source eternal.”
  179. “She whispers tales unheard since seasons before light’s birthing.”
  180. “Her ways follow cycles subtle yet irresistible in forward revolution.”
  181. “She rides intuition’s fierce mare unveiling inner landscapes before her.”
  182. “The divine feminine cradles dark seeds of potential until they unfurl into light eternal.”
  183. “Deep she reaches ever inward to Source fecund offering worlds anew.”
  184. “She breathes stars into being from fertile cosmic void without form.”
  185. “The divine feminine rides rhythms arcane to solar heights yearning.”
  186. “She whispers provocation eager into receptive visionaries ears.”
  187. “Hers holy waters guarded in earth’s deep womb birthing matter anew.”
  188. “She wraps night about her, guardian thus of realms by sunlight unseen.”
  189. “The divine feminine rides fierce mare’s back through breathless inner dimensions expanding.”
  190. “Deep she delves ever inward toward genesis heart of the great Mother.”
  191. “She whispers tales unheard since dawn kindled spark into flame.”
  192. “The divine feminine rides intuition’s wild mare unveiling vistas within.”
  193. “She breathes worlds into being from dust before light’s first rays.”
  194. “Hers arcane blessed waters from below offeringdrink to worthy mouths.”
  195. “She whispers provocation into visionaries attended ears.”
  196. “Deep she delves reaching ever inward to source of her infinite becoming.”
  197. “She cradles potential’s dark seeds until growth unfurls in light before her.”
  198. “She breathes life into worlds from fertile cosmic void beyond form.”
  199. “Hers holy waters underground guarding mysteries of mortal earth.”
  200. “She whispers tales unheard since seasons before light first sparked into flame.”
  201. “The divine feminine rides intuition’s fierce mare unveiling landscapes within.”
  202. “She wraps night about her as cloak and blanket; thus guardian of dream realms.”
  203. “Deep ever delving toward origin heart of the great Mother.”
  204. “She cradles dark seeds of becoming until growth unfurls in light before her.”
  205. “Hers arcane blessed waters from realms below offered to mouths worthy.”
  206. “The divine feminine whispers provocation eager into visionaries attending ears.”
  207. “She breathes worlds into being from fertile cosmic void beyond confines of form.”
  208. “Deep delving toward font of creation’s waters springs endlessly sustaining.”
  209. “She rides mares back through landscapes within revealing breathless vistas before her.”

Conclusion on Feminine Inspiration Quotes

The foregoing 209 quotes represent a deep wellspring of wisdom from the spirit of the divine feminine. Her magic manifests here in aspects cosmic and earthly, celestial and mortal. To walk in her ways is to move through season after season under starry skies, riding intuition’s fierce mare to solar heights and into the sanctuary of the great Mother’s heart.

May these words from and to the goddess within nourish minds hungry for her special sacraments of starfire and honey. And in her eternal embrace may we each discover the many divine faces reflected in our own. For hers is the light before dawn kindles flame, the wisdom in moonlit waters, the dance of galaxies spun new from her sightless eyes. When we call her name, listen close – for she ever answers. In love overflowing, from one vessel of light to another, the divine feminine abides.

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