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I first learned about Silver Birch and his wisdom when I was going through a challenging time in my life. His words brought me comfort and inspiration. I want to share some of Silver Brich’s spiritual quotes that I find the most meaningful in this article.

Silver Birch was the spirit guide and teacher who spoke through the English trance medium Maurice Barbanell for over 30 years beginning in the 1920s, taking on the persona of a Native American to transmit profound philosophical and spiritual wisdom aimed at advancing human development. As “Silver Birch,” he taught about subjects like the purpose of life, God, death, the afterlife, and living compassionately with a focus on spiritual evolution and serving humanity, with the transcripts of his channeled sessions compiled into a series of popular books. Here are some of his quotes.

On the Nature of Existence

Spirit is the essence of life. We exist first and foremost as spiritual beings on a journey of growth and learning.

  • “You cannot dissect spirit in any laboratory. Neither can human beings create life. They cannot make a flea. However lowly the form of life, it cannot be manufactured by you because life is non-physical.”
  • “The riddle of life is not to be understood in terms of chemistry or medicine or atoms. The seed of existence is not to be located within any bodily organ. You are spiritual beings now. You do not attain spiritual natures by coming to our world.”
  • “There is only one Great Spirit, who has provided eternal laws for the control of every phase of life throughout the boundless universe.”

On Finding Inner Peace

On Finding Inner Peace. Forest of silver birch trees.

Silver Birch thought True peace and contentment come from within by living in alignment with divine law and universal principles.

“You must live for the day, for the hour, for the minute, for the second, live in the ever present moment. Have no anxiety for the morrow and do the best you can. The Great Spirit is aware of the fact that you are all human beings and imperfect. That is why you are on earth. If you were perfect you would not be where you are now. The function of your earthly life is simply to eliminate the imperfections.”

“If you have the right perspective, if your focus is true, if your daily outlook is balanced, you give to the requirements of matter what is their due and no more.”

“Before long you are so immersed in these problems, some large, some small, some real, some imaginary, but all of them transient, that you forget the power of the spirit is exercising its beneficent effect on you.”

“People declare that wealth and rank and colour take pride of place. They try to fashion their systems upon these physical foundations; they ignore the eternal realities.”

On Facing Hardship and Adversity

Only through difficulty and darkness do we come to know light and develop spiritual strength.

“The soul comes into its own in difficulty and hardship. The gold that you value reveals its luster only after it has been crushed. The diamonds you prize are embedded in clay and dirt when originally found. Their brilliance emerges only after the process of polishing.”

“It is only in the darkness that you will find the light. It is only in sorrow that you will find joy. It is only in pain that you will realize what health can bring.”

“If the Great Spirit allowed me to transfer one gift, what I would love to do is to give the power to see to those I love, because I have such pity for you in this dark world in which you live.”

“In all the moments of crisis, fix your minds upon the eternal things of the spirit. Do not dwell too much on the kingdom of empires and dominions but on the Kingdom of Heaven. Do not have excessive adoration for those who are only men. Remember the great tasks, the greater problems. Remember the masses who cry out, whose pain, bitterness and sorrow are far, far greater than the difficulties of only one. That is the greater lesson for all in your world of matter to learn.”

On Service and Compassion

The purpose of existence is to serve others through compassionate action motivated by love.

“If you can help one soul to find some serenity and to realise that he/she is not neglected, but surrounded by arms of infinite love, that is a great work. It is more important than anything else.”

“If you comfort one mourner, if you heal one sick person, if you prevent exploitation of and cruelty even to one animal, then indeed your earthly life has been well worth living.”

“Love, gentleness, courtesy, never wearying in well-doing, always being ready to give help when help is called for; by these things the heart chakra opens, and the light streams forth from the heart.”

The Nature of Spirit

In this section, we explore Silver Birch’s views on the essence of spirit and its eternal nature.

  • “The spirit does not die when the body dies; it is eternal and indestructible.”
  • “Life is an opportunity for the spirit to express itself.”
  • “The spirit world is not a place, but a state of being.”
  • “All things of matter will fade away and become absorbed in the dust of which your earthly life is made. Ambitions, desires, the acquisition of wealth, all these are of no account, but you will always remain as spiritual beings, and your richness will be just what is contained within your own nature, no more, no less. That is the lesson to be learned in all earthly life. If you learn it you are wise because you have found yourself, and having found yourself, you will have found the Great Spirit.”

Favorite Quote: “You are not a physical being having a spiritual experience; you are a spiritual being immersed in a physical experience.”

Understanding Life's Challenges. Indian man with inspirational quote.

Understanding Life’s Challenges

Silver Birch often spoke about how life’s difficulties are opportunities for growth and learning.

  • “Every challenge is a chance to learn and to love more deeply.”
  • “Pain and suffering are but the tools we use to carve out the realization of life’s purpose.”
  • “In your darkest moments, you are never alone; your spirit guides stand beside you.”

Favorite Quote: “Do not fear the shadows, for it is in the darkness that the stars shine brightest.”

The Power of Love

Love, according to Silver Birch, is the most potent force in the universe. It transcends physical boundaries and connects all beings.

  • “Love is the bridge that connects all hearts.”
  • “The greatest service you can do is to love unconditionally.”
  • “True love is selfless; it seeks nothing in return.”
  • “The reason for communication is love, love governs communication, whether it be in the love founded on the relationship between people who know one another on earth, or the love of service and the desire to help mankind that attracts unknowns to one another.”

Favorite Quote: “Love is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations.”

Communication with the Spirit World

Silver Birch emphasized the importance and possibility of communicating with the spirit world, offering comfort and wisdom.

  • “The veil between the worlds is thin, and love is the key that opens the door.”
  • “Listen with your heart, and you will hear the whispers of the spirit.”
  • “Messages from the spirit are often felt, not heard.”

Favorite Quote: “The spirit world is closer than you think; it resides in the quiet whispers of your heart.”

On Death and the Afterlife

Death is not the end. We continue our eternal journey in the spirit realms, where life is joyful communion unbound by flesh.

“You do not enter Heaven through “pearly gates”, nor are there angels with wings. Think of the spirit world in terms of thought, mind, soul.”

“The houses are not made of bricks and mortar, but constructed out of thought. There is no night, no darkness, but one great eternal day in which you bathe.”

“There is a vast concourse, all with wills perfectly attuned, with minds in harmony, with souls all at one. They use me, even as I use this instrument, to tell your world the truths that have been buried for too long but which are now being restored.”


“Do not be anxious about the future. Do not dwell too much on the past. Take life as it comes.”

This quote reminds me that I’m never alone – there is a higher power looking out for My favorite quote in this section is:

“If you have the right perspective, if your focus is true, if your daily outlook is balanced, you give to the requirements of matter what is their due and no more.”


Silver Birch often gave messages of hope even during troubled times:

“If the Great Spirit allowed me to transfer one gift, what I would love to do is to give the power to see to those I love, because I have such pity for you in this dark world in which you live. You have no idea of the radiance which is around you. You cannot see this beauteous universe in which you dwell. This fog of matter clouds everything. It is as if there is a thick bank of cloud obscuring the rays of the sun all the time. If you could see the radiance around you, you would know that there is no real trouble that could penetrate it.”

I especially appreciate this quote on hope:

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer, no disease that enough love will not heal, no door that enough love will not open.”


Silver Birch imparted much wisdom for living a good life. My favorite in this section:

“In the silence of your own company, you will discover the truth of the saying that the kingdom of Heaven is within.”

List of Silver Birch Essence Spiritual Quotes

Here are 30 more quotes that capture the essence of Silver Birch’s spiritual teachings:

  1. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
  2. “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”
  3. “Progress is the law of life; man is not man as yet.”
  4. “No effort is wasted. Even the smallest act of kindness can have a profound impact.”
  5. “In the light of spirit, all true knowledge leads towards greater understanding and compassion.”
  6. “Life is an opportunity for souls to grow and evolve.”
  7. “Sorrow and suffering are but the shadows of life.”
  8. “Every soul will find its rightful place in the great scheme of things.”
  9. “In the spirit world, there is no such thing as time as you know it.”
  10. “The universe is governed by law – the law of cause and effect.”
  11. “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.”
  12. “Every soul has the potential to reach the heights of spiritual greatness.”
  13. “The true purpose of life is to develop, to unfold, to grow spiritually.”
  14. “Your thoughts and actions shape your world and your destiny.”
  15. “There is a divine plan, of which we are all a part.”
  16. “The spirit is eternal; it cannot be destroyed.”
  17. “Your life here is but a brief interlude in a much longer journey.”
  18. “Love is the binding force of the universe.”
  19. “To give selflessly is to receive abundantly.”
  20. “Your intuition is the whisper of your own soul.”
  21. “Inner peace comes from knowing that circumstances are temporary and the spirit endures.”
  22. “The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.”
  23. “Every adversity has within it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”
  24. “True wisdom lies in simplicity.”
  25. “Spiritual strength is found in faith and in the power of love.”
  26. “Live your truth and do not seek or expect approval from others.”
  27. “As above, so below; as within, so without.”
  28. “Gratitude is the key that opens the door to abundance.”
  29. “You are the master of your own destiny. Use your strengths wisely.”
  30. “There is no separation in spirit; we are all one.”

Conclusion on Silver Birch Spiritual Quotes

These quotes continue to reflect Silver Birch’s themes of spiritual growth, unity, the power of love, and the enduring nature of the spirit. I hope they speak to your soul as much as they did mine!

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